bottoms up beer dispenser

Sick of waiting forever in line at the bar?

With the new Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser, a bartender can fill up 44 pints in a single minute. With a couple of additional hands, the Bottoms Up can fill 56 pints a minute! If you keep the contraption clean and adjust it correctly, you won’t even waste any beer because of foam.

Did we mention that it fills up your cup from the bottom? Take a look at this sorcery from Grinon Industries:


Any kind of keg can be used with the Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser, which works by “pouring” beer up through holes in the bottoms of plastic cups. after the cup is filled, the holes are then re-sealed with magnets.

Of course, one downside of the Bottoms Up is that it has to be used with disposable plastic cups instead of traditional (and more environmentally friendly) glass ones that can be re-used. However, the design also allows for advertising, since logos and images can be put onto the magnetic disks at the bottoms of the cups, which can also be taken home as souvenirs.  The special cups cost only 30 cents more than normal disposable cups – and ideally, bars can offset the difference with advertising revenue from the magnets.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite Jesse Pinkman quotes from Breaking Bad: “Yeah bi—, magnets!”