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When traditional scrubbing and elbow grease just isn’t enough, you have to turn to the best power scrubbers on the market. After hours of research looking at dozens of contenders, we’ve chosen the best scrubbers based on usability, power, affordability, and cleaning options. Our top pick is the incredibly durable and easy-to-use Drillbrush Scrubber Cleaning Kit. It is a master at cleaning all of the best home appliances.

Power scrubbers like the Drillbrush Scrubber Kit are dedicated tools designed to provide the bristles and power that you need for the most serious cleaning tasks around the home. It’s a great model for for tackling particularly dirty bathrooms or building up a janitorial supply for your own business – plus it’s portable, and very affordable since it works with a drill you already have! But make sure you check out our full list to see all your options. And, if you need more quality products for your home, check out our review of the best tools.

Top 7 Best Power Scrubber Compared

 #1  Drillbrush Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This power scrubber kit is affordable, fits on your drill with easy quarter-inch shafts, and offers three brushes with tough nylon bristles for serious scrubbing of all kinds. It’s the ideal choice for those who want a power scrubber that can handle everything indoors and outdoors.

  • A very affordable adapter kit
  • Sturdy nylon brushes
  • Quarter-inch quick change shafts
  • Requires cordless drill
  • Np softer or harder brush heads

Drillbrush produces adapter power scrubbers that are designed to fit on a battery-powered drill. This is an ideal option for those who already own drills, since it’s highly affordable and effective. We love this particular pack because it comes with three different all-purpose nylon brushes that are tough enough to tackle all kinds of projects, but won’t easily damage more delicate surfaces – making it the best power scrubber for grout and similar projects. While this is a great choice, if you need to restore color and luster to the plastic parts of your car or boat, you are better off with the best plastic restorer.

If you are looking for an all-purpose scrubber for your bathroom, odd jobs around the house, and tackling specific problems outdoors (like mildewy steps, etc) this is your best choice. If you don’t have a cordless drill around, check out some of our other top picks!

 #2  Black+Decker Scumbuster Pro Power Scrubber

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This cordless scrubber uses easy-clean pads for scrubbing that won’t damage your bathroom, plus an easy-grip handle design and lots of waterproofing. If you want a dedicated bathroom scrubber that makes cleaning easier, this is a great pick.

  • Easy-clean pads
  • Great grip
  • Won’t damage surfaces
  • No super-tough bristle action
  • May have trouble with tiny corners

If you are bathroom-focused, you need a power scrubber that makes tough clean-up jobs easier, but won’t damage your bathroom surface. That’s why B+D created this oscillating power scrubber, with a base that makes it particularly easy to grip and apply pressure. We also really like the simple cleaning pads that are easy to wash when you are done. If safety is important to you, remember to get rid of loose nails from walls before you start any cleaning or DIY project. You can do this easily with the best pry bars.

The unit comes with both an all-purpose pad and heavy duty pad depending on the project. It’s entirely battery powered with an outlet-based recharge base, and the battery can last for at least several hours of oscillation if necessary. Whether it is a tile wall or some of the best kitchen appliances, a power scrubber can make your work easy, much like the best corded drill. If you don’t like the hassle that comes with corded tools, take a look at the best cordless drill instead.

 #3  WiMiUS Spin Scrubber

Award: Best Quality Power Scrubber

WHY WE LIKE IT: Featuring four very different brushes for all kinds of tasks, this scrubber is waterproof, extendable, and charges via USB! Ideal for those who want a scrubber for all kinds of odd cleaning jobs around the house.

  • Four different heads
  • 360-degree brush rotation
  • Extendable handle
  • Battery takes a long time to charge
  • Grip could be better

Equipped with a sizable handle, this cordless power scrubber spins 360-degrees so you get the most out of your brush action. The three-section design allows you to modify the scrubber’s extension for higher places, too. But it’s the brushes that are especially impressive on this model, which includes two different sizes of round-head brushes, a cone-shaped head, and a stainless steel head – enough to tackle all kinds of projects around the house.

This model is totally cordless and offers up to 75 minutes of battery power on one charge. It’s totally waterproof, too! A great versatile option for house tasks. I would use the best spray bottle with this to spray cleaner.

 #4  Holikme 4 Pack Drill Brush Scrubber

Award: Best Budget Power

WHY WE LIKE IT: Incredibly affordable, this power scrubber adapter has three excellent nylon brushes fit for many different tasks. Those looking to save will love the price.

  • Works for a variety of tasks
  • Extended reach attachment
  • Nylon brushes
  • Need cordless drill
  • Np softer or harder brush heads

If you need power scrubbing but don’t have the budget for a new cleaning tool, this Holikme scrubber adapter should be perfect: It’s extremely affordable, and includes three different basic brush heads for various tasks. It also includes an extended reach attachment for areas that are difficult to get into with a drill.

The nylon brushes are very durable, and designed to fit into a 1/4-inch chuck on a typical cordless drill. Like our Drillbrush top pick, it’s a great option for cleaning grout, stubborn mildew, and similar problems. Use it with the best all purpose cleaner.

 #5  Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Award: Best Extendable Power Scrubber

WHY WE LIKE IT: A beautiful extendable design makes this scrubber perfect for reaching high places, and the 1.5 hour battery life is particularly impressive. It’s a great pick for those who don’t want to hurt their backs or arms scrubbing around the house.

  • 21-inch extension built in
  • Four different brush head shapes
  • 90-minute battery
  • No alternative brush materials

The excellent design of this Homitt model allows for easy extension, making it the best electric spin scrubber for those with back problems, or people who just want to avoid awkward positions while scrubbing. It comes with four very different brush heads, a high spin speed up to 300RPM, and a 3.6-volt battery that can last up to 90 minutes.

We particularly like that the four brushes, while all made out of the same basic plastic bristles, have very different shapes that enable the scrubber to deal with all kinds of corners and spaces. However, garbage disposals are trickier and we recommend the best disposal cleaner.

 #6  Drillbrush Stiff Bristle Cleaning Kit Scrubber

Award: Best Outdoor Power Scrubber

WHY WE LIKE IT: Extra stiff bristles and a seven-inch extender prepare this scrubber for the toughest projects. If you need an outdoor scrubber to algae, moss, and mold, this is your model.

  • Stiff bristles for tough tasks
  • 7-inch extender included
  • Pro 3
  • Not as suitable for bathrooms
  • Requires cordless drill

Do you have an eye on outdoor tasks like clean patios, statues, concrete pools, or similar projects? This Drillbrush set is made just for such tasks, with extra-stiff nylon bristles and four heads that includes a particular small model for crevices.

There’s also a 7-inch extender if you need some space, and a particularly large 5-inch flat brush head for dealing with larger surfaces. No matter what your outdoor task, this scrubber can handle it. These power scrubbers combined with tools like the best window cleaning kit and best duster can make your home beautiful.

How We Decided

First, we narrowed our focus to cordless and water-safe models, because if you can’t use a scrubber in a wet bathroom or similar condition, then they really aren’t much use! Then we looked at both adapter models and standalone models. Adapters fit on a drill that you already have, while standalone models use their own power supply and motor. Ultimately, we decided that both have their own merits, and included a few top picks of each kind on our list.

We also took a close look at the bristles and brushes used to clean with. Nylon brushes are ideal in this case, because they provide a lot of abrasive cleaning power while being gentle enough to avoid careless damage (although this still depends on the user). However, we also took note of alternate materials like the WiMiUS stainless steel scrubber head for especially rough projects, or the softer pads on our Black + Decker pick that are particularly easy to clean. Overall, we preferred models that had a variety of brush heads to attach for different situations.

Then there were important usability issues to consider! For example, we looked for models that had either well-designed handles to use (not exactly applicable for adapter models), or extended reach to make cleaning higher shower walls and similar surfaces much easier. For those models that use battery life, we picked tools that offer at least 50 minutes of scrubbing power so you can be sure that you get all the cleaning you need done before the battery needs to be recharged.

Power Scrubbers Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Portability and Ease of Use
    Is the power scrubber easy to use? Some of this depends on the user. Adapter models fit to drills can be an excellent choice, for example, but not everyone want to hold an electric drill for as long as it takes to complete a cleaning project. Alternatively, standalone models should have ease-access buttons and grips to make them easier to handle. Scrubbers that extend offer additional benefits since they make it easier to reach distant places or corners.
  2. Scrubbing Options
    A power scrubber should be able to scrub! Specifically, it should be able to help you with a variety of scrubbing tasks, from medium to difficult. The best scrubbers offer several different brushes, usually a larger brush for flat areas and a smaller brush for corners or small spaces. Then top models usually add another brush or two for specific situations, like a cone-shaped brush for the deepest crevices, or a stainless steel brush if you want to remove rust or have a similar demanding project. Always look for a variety of brushes that can handle different tasks. If you need a unique scrubber for something like polishing, you should look for a more dedicated device or specialty brush attachment.
  3. Adapters vs. Standalones
    Adapters are a great choice if you already have a battery-powered drill, and you want to save some money. The best power scrubbers for adapters are by far the cheapest options you will find, and you can control their speed and power using your drill settings, just as you would with any normal drilling project.
    Standalone or single unit models don’t need a drill to do their work, but they do need to rely on their own motor and battery for the job. These are better options if you want a dedicated scrubber in your tool kit that doesn’t depend on any other device to get the job done – and you don’t mind spending a little more money on it. If you only have a corded drill, don’t get an adapter model. Cords don’t mix well with bathroom cleaning and other power scrubber projects, which is why the best standalone scrubbers are usually cordless these days.
  4. Battery Life
    Obviously, drill battery life is in the hands of the user, but a fully charged drill battery should have no problems lasting the length of a cleaning or scrubbing session. For standalone models, look for battery life around an hour or so. These models typically take a couple hours to fully recharge, too, so make sure that’s part of your calculations.

Power Scrubber FAQs

Can I Use Any Power Scrubber Outdoors?

Only use a power scrubber outdoors if its brushes are specifically recommended for outdoor projects like removing mildew from decks or cleaning outdoor mortar, etc. This takes tougher brushes than indoor cleaning, so it’s important to look for durability. In general, adapter scrubbers that are made to fit on your drill are better suited for outdoor work than standalone models, that are primarily designed for indoor cleaning tasks.

Will Power Scrubbers Damage My Tile or Enamel?

That’s up to you and the brush that you are using! Power scrubbers usually come with rounded, software brushes for gentler cleaning tasks, and stiffer, less rounded brushes for harder cleaning tasks. Obviously, if you try using something like a stainless steel brush on your bathtub, you’re going to have problems. To avoid scratches and damage, use a light touch and go slowly, starting with the softer brushes. Remember that materials like vinyl are far more vulnerable than ceramic tile. If you are particularly worried about causing damage, our Black + Decker pick with scrubbing pads is an option designed for avoiding damage.

Can Power Scrubbers Clean Up Grease?

Yes. In fact, a common project for power scrubbers is cleaning old grills and grease trays that desperately need new life. Power scrubbers can handle these tasks without trouble. However, this will quickly make your brushes dirty, so you’ll have to spend some time afterward soaking and cleaning the brush heads so that they are ready for your next task.

Do I Need to Use Power Scrubbers with a Cleaner?

For cleaning things like bathrooms and grills, using a cleaner is recommended. Typically a light detergent will do the trick!

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