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7 Best Balloon Air Pumps in 2023

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Of the balloon pumps we researched, the Idaodan Portable Dual Nozzle Air Pump is the best balloon air pump. We chose it because of its convenient power cable management, colorful, fun appearance, dual nozzle action, kid-friendly safety and useability, and lightweight. Kids LOVE balloons, even adults too so if you’re looking for the best toys and games for your family, a balloon air pump may be unorthodox but it could very well be a smash hit.

We researched a number of popular consumer balloon air pumps to find the best one for you available on the market. We preferred balloon pumps that were designed to pump air and not helium, those that weigh no more than three pounds and have dimensions no bigger than 8.2”x 6.5” x 5.6”. For electric varieties, we preferred pumps that have air pressure ratings of 18,000 to 22,000pa, had at least two inflation nozzles and came in bright, festive colors. Keep reading to learn more about other high-grade balloon air pumps available for purchase.

Top 7 Best Balloon Air Pumps

 #1  IDAODAN Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Air Pump


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s ultra-compact (7.87”x6.29”x5.11”) lightweight (2lb), and rubber bottom grips keep it sturdy while still providing top performance and a fun, festive look.

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  • Can inflate two at once
  • Rubber grips on bottom keep it from sliding off surfaces
  • Lighter and smaller than many models
  • Doesn’t come with balloons or other accessories

The Idaodan Portable Balloon Air Pump is a dual-nozzle portable pump for latex non-helium balloons. It weighs 2lbs and has dimensions of 7.87”x6.29”x5.11”, making it one of the more compact and light models available. It features two regular and two small size nozzles which are rated at 18000pa-22000pa, and in addition to the standard power button, one large nozzle functions as a push-in power button for extra convenience. Additionally, it features rubber grips on the bottom to keep the pump from sliding off surfaces and being knocked over easily, and the standard two-prong power has a storage compartment with a snap-on cover built into the unit.

Its lightweight and compact size make it extra portable and easy to store while also being kid-friendly, and the rubber grips are great at keeping accidents at a minimum in a bustling room full of kids. It doesn’t come with balloons or any other accessories to make it out-of-the-box usable, but it’s got plenty of power for most of your needs, and it’s simultaneously kid-proof and kid-friendly, making it a top choice for any party or event. If you want to inflate your car’s tires, you may want to read our guide to the best tire inflater instead.

 #2  Yofit Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Air Pump


WHY WE LIKE IT: Offers plenty of power and performance and the addition of easy-to-switch automatic or manual inflation modes and a spare nozzle make it a generous package.

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  • Best for adults
  • Comes with a spare nozzle in case of accidents
  • Power cord stows conveniently in unit
  • Fairly heavy, at nearly 2.9 lb

The Yofit Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Air Pump features two nozzles for large-mouth balloons and two for small-mouth balloons, and is designed for standard-sized latex balloons, with an air pressure rating of 18,000 to 22,000pa. It’s a somewhat heavier pump at 2.9 lbs with dimensions of 8.2”x6.5”x5.6”. It features a dual-action power switch- one short press turns on automatic mode, but pressing and holding it will put it in manual mode, which allows you to control the amount of inflation you give a balloon- which can be useful for, among other things, slightly under-inflating balloons to make them less prone to popping. If balloons popping is a big fear for you and your kids then we recommend something less likely to pop, that’s also great for your kids’ creativity, the best origami paper.

Its weight makes it just slightly less travel-friendly than some models. However, its high-performance power added control features that can help make less pop-prone balloons and included spare nozzle make it a great option for a more kid-and-accident proof pump that still has a fun and festive look, and it’s still light and compact enough to be fairly portable. For when you’re filling up your tires, you might also want to consider the best tire pressure gauge.

 #3  Tota Hand Held 2-Way Dual Action Balloon Air Pump


WHY WE LIKE IT: A budget-friendly pocket-sized hand pump that’s easy and fun to use while still getting the job done, and it’s great for handing out to guests who want to get in on the inflating action.

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  • Perfect as a party favor
  • Portable, lightweight and requires no power
  • Inflates when both pumping both in and out so you’re not wasting energy
  • Not as effective as an electric pump
  • Could be more durable

The Tota Hand-Held 2-Way Dual Action Balloon Air Pump is a manual plastic hand pump made to fit most standard size latex balloons. At 11”x1.97”x1.18” and an ultra light 3.2 ounces, it’s easy to take anywhere and doesn’t require power, making it safer for kids and great for outdoor use. Its dual-action design means that it pumps air while both pushing and pulling, making it more effective than most manual hand pumps.

It’s a great pump for handing out at parties for guests and kids who want to have fun inflating their own balloons, making it a great party favor. Its dual-action design and the fact that it doesn’t require power also make it a versatile pump, but its thin plastic construction makes it less durable than an electric pump. This also means it’s far less effective for large numbers of balloons. Still, for portability, fun, and ease of use, it’s a great cost-effective option that can add an extra dimension to parties and events. However, if you need a bit more power from the airflow, you’ll want a tire inflator and the best mechanic toolset.

 #4  NuLink Electric Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Air Pump


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s super light-weight (1.2 lbs) and compact but durable and fully functional, with extra inflation options, including an off/off switch built into the nozzle itself.

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  • Switchable auto and manual modes
  • Additional on/off switch built-in to nozzle
  • Bright kid-friendly purple design
  • Slightly underpowered at 13,000 PA

The NuLink Electric Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Air Pump features two large mouth nozzles and two small mouth nozzles. One of the large nozzles can be pushed while the main power button is in the OFF position to activate manual inflation mode, allowing you to easily control the amount of inflation desired. It’s an ultra light 1.2 lbs with dimensions of 7 3/4″x5″x6″, and the power cord is easily stored in a built-in compartment while not in use.

The NuLink is significantly less powerful than many models, rated only for 13,000pa, which means it won’t handle high-volume jobs as quickly and efficiently as some. However, it’s also significantly lighter and smaller than most electric pumps, making it easy for kids to take to parties. The added option of manual inflation also means it’s slightly more versatile, making it a great, ultra-portable choice for kids and smaller parties. You probably won’t be able to use this for the tires on your best electric bike though.

 #5  Kosbon Balloon Air Pump


WHY WE LIKE IT: Fairly portable and with plenty of power, it comes with two removable small nozzles, 113 balloons of several varieties, balloon ties, tying tools, and more to let you get the party started right away.

  • Fast and consistent motor for high-volume jobs
  • Removable small-tip nozzles
  • ETL approved safe design
  • Heavier than many models, at nearly 3.4 lb

The Kosbon Balloon Air Pump features two large nozzles (one flexible) and two removable small nozzles. It has an air pressure rating of 18,000 to 22,000pa and is designed to deliver ultra-fast, consistent inflation for standard size latex or similar balloons, and features switchable auto and manual inflation modes. At 3.44 pounds, it’s one of the heavier electric pumps available, and less compact than some at 8.3”x6.7”x5.9”, but is still reasonably portable for adults.

It comes packaged with a load of extras that give it by far the most out-of-the-box usability, including 90 colorful standard and 13 “Happy Birthday” balloons, 20 flower clips, 3 colored balloon ribbons, 2 tying tools, 2 rolls of decorative tape strip for connecting balloons, and a roll of stick-on decorative dots. It’s a great value for a full-featured, powerful pump loaded with enough accessories to start your party right out of the box. This will soon be among your best tools for setting up the party.

 #6  Mesha Balloon Air Pump


WHY WE LIKE IT: Powerful, easy-to-use, reliable, and ultra portable, at just over 2 lb. This balloon air pump is an economical choice that is perfect for beginners and veteran partiers alike.

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  • Works for both standard latex and decoratives
  • Safe for kids
  • Extremely light for extra portability
  • Not loaded with accessories or extra features
  • Should be used no longer than 2 hours at a time

The Mesha Balloon Air Pump features two large (one flexible that also functions as a manual inflation mode switch) and two small nozzles and has an air pressure rating of 18000-22000pa. It’s reasonably lightweight at 2.6 lbs and has dimensions of 8.1×6.5×5.2”. This balloon air pump’s power cable fits into a built-in compartment when not in use and it’s designed to inflate standard-sized latex and other similar balloons quickly and consistently. It offers both an automatic mode when the main power button is in the “ON” position and a manual inflation mode by pressing the large blue nozzle when the main power is off.

This is an excellent all-around balloon air pump that’s reasonably portable, easy to use, reliable, and brightly colored for a festive look. Though it lacks any included accessories or unique functionality, it’s a great value for a high-quality pump that will suit most of your needs.

 #7  Party Zealot Balloon Air Pump


WHY WE LIKE IT: Easy to use with plenty of power and size options for most jobs, its colorful look and included accessories, such as 100 balloon ties, make it a breeze to get the festivities started.

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  • Inflates dozens in minutes
  • Includes 100 balloon ties and other accessories
  • Two nozzles each for small and large-mouthed balloons
  • Slightly heavier than many models

The Party Zealot Balloon Air Pump features two nozzles for large-mouthed latex balloons and two for small-mouthed latex balloons. It weighs 2.25 pounds and has dimensions of 8.5”x7.1”x5.8”, making it slightly bulkier and heavier than many models. It has an air pressure rating of 18000pa-22000pa and can fill approximately 100 standard-size latex balloons in less than 30 minutes, making it one of the faster pumps on the market, and the standard power cable fits into its own built-in compartment for clutter-free storage.

Though its slightly increased bulk and weight make it a little less portable for kids, it’s still safe and easy to use for children and adults, and its increased speed makes it extra efficient and time-saving for larger parties and events, while still being colorful and fun to use.

How We Decided

Balloon air pumps are huge time savers for small events and parties that will give you more time to enjoy the festivities. If you have a lot of events and parties, buying your own is a good idea, and there are plenty of models on the market that work great while still being inexpensive.

We limited our research to automatic balloon inflators and manual balloon pumps that pump air and not helium, preferring lightweight, easy to use pumps. For electric balloon pumps, we generally liked pumps which were rated to inflate latex balloons at a pressure of 18000pa-22000pa, had dimensions no bigger than 8.2”x 6.5” x 5.6”, weigh less than three pounds, and featured at least two inflation nozzles.

We also preferred pumps that had handy extra features like built-in balloon-tying mechanism, switchable autofill, and semi autofill power buttons, and power cables that collapse into the unit for easy, clutter-free storage.

We also favored pumps that came with an assortment of balloons to get you started. For our purposes, we stuck to pumps that were designed to inflate standard round latex balloons, not foil balloons or magic show balloons, and also left out professional balloon pumps, dedicated balloon animal pumps preferring more economical consumer models

Best Balloon Pump Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Easy and Safe To Use For Kids
    Although it’ll usually be adults inflating the balloons, it’s a good idea to look for a pump that’s lightweight and compact enough for anyone to carry and move, and easy enough to use for children. Kids love inflating balloons at parties, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to because a pump is too cumbersome and complicated to use.
  2. Colorful, Festive Look
    Since it’s going to be a prominent part of your party or event, it’s best that the balloon air pump that you choose isn’t a dull gray box plugged into the wall. Thankfully, most pumps available on the market come in fun, bright colors perfect for parties that kids will enjoy.
  3. Helium or O2?
    Balloon pumps that pump air won’t usually pump helium and vice-versa, and some product descriptions can be confusing, so make sure you’re buying the right tool for the right job. Most consumer balloon air pumps are made to pump air- it’s more common to go to a party supply store or a similar business to have helium balloons inflated- though consumer pumps that pump helium are available. Even still, a Google search for “helium balloon pumps” will usually yield many air-only pumps- so due diligence is required on the part of the consumer.
  4. Air Pressure Rating
    The strength of a pump is measured in air pressure- or PA, not dissimilar to how tires are rated by PSI or pounds per square inch of air pressure. Generally speaking, for an electric pump, you want a PA rating of at least 18,000pa and not more than 22,000pa. Too much air pressure will inflate the balloon so quickly that it risks popping, and obviously too little won’t inflate it fast enough to make a balloon pump worth using. Generally, the ratings on non-helium balloon pumps made for parties and events are meant for latex and other standard balloons, not foil balloons or others that usually require helium.

Balloon Pump FAQs

Do I need an electric pump?

There are plenty of excellent power-free hand pumps available, but for high-volume scenarios where you need to inflate 100 or more balloons quickly and consistently, it’s simply not practical to use a hand pump, since it would be tiring and extremely time-consuming. A lot of consumer-grade balloon pumps are also great for kids to use, since they’re often light weight and don’t require the hand strength and stamina of hand pumps.

What are the advantages of hand pumps?

Although we mostly looked at electric pumps, hand pumps do have some advantages. For one, they’re far more economical. Secondly, they don’t require power and thus can be used outdoors and far away from power sources- meaning you can take them camping, if you should want to have a birthday party in the woods! Lastly, they can make great party favors, since their low cost and power-free functionality means you can buy a number of them and hand them out to party guests so that they can help inflate balloons if they want as well.

Are electric balloon air pumps safe?

Their ease of use may vary somewhat (though generally, portable consumer-grade models should be easy to use for most people), but any consumer balloon air pumps made to use O2 and not helium should be completely safe to use for both adults and kids, with no parts exposing the user to electricity or heat and no sharp or moving parts anyone could hurt themselves on. It’s best, of course, to always thoroughly check item descriptions to make sure this is the case.

What is the best balloon air pump?

The best balloon air pump is the Idaodan Portable Balloon Air Pump, for its portability, power, reliability, fun and colorful design, and rubber bottom grips to help prevent sliding on smooth or slick surfaces. Other popular models include the non-powered, patented Filbert Balloon Pump and the Qualatex 260 Pocket Balloon Pump, a handheld non-powered balloon inflator rated to inflate thick 260-gauge balloons.

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