Anki wants to take Artificial Intelligence out of the lab and into your everyday life through consumer robotics products that are fun and friendly.

The company launched Cozmo Code Lab a while back so that fans could easily program the little robot. This allows both adults and children to learn to code Cozmo, whether they want to make him move, recognize faces, do animations, and lots more.

Code Labs’ New Featured Project and Contest

It’s a tool that has helped to teach aspiring coders of all ages, turning them into better programmers.

Some of these kids are going to go on to do some really amazing things with the skills they are learning. Kids seem to have a lot of success with this program.

Now Anki has rolled out a new Featured Project that will be unlocked on April 6. That’s when Cozmo owners will have access to the first-ever project that was submitted by a community member. It is called “Guess the Number”.

Players have to think of a number between 1 – 100 and help Cozmo guess it correctly by using his interactive Cubes. The game was developed by JDFight, a C# game developer. This one gained momentum and top honors due to its clean code, succinct concept, and it used Cozmo’s character perfectly.

Code Labs hosted a Q and A with JDFight HERE. If you are an aspiring programmer, it is worth the read. JDFight taught himself programming, starting with BASIC and Borland Pascal, then moved on to making video games in MS-DOS. After that, he created a successful video game company called Artix Entertainment, so he has a lot of knowledge to impart.

Anki is also hosting a Code Lab contest, where Cozmo owners can submit a Code Lab project that celebrates Summer in a creative way. It will be interesting to see what users come up with. Judging by how creative users get with Cozmo, this should be interesting. Maybe the robot can build a sun-dial on its face, make a sand castle with his cubes… The winner will get $1,500! Cozmo owners have until April 9 to submit, and the contest is open to residents in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and France.

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The Learning Possibilities are Endless

Code Lab’s capabilities recently got expanded with the Constructor Mode. They have also added a score of other features, many that users have been asking for like: if statements, math operators, variables, function calls, and more.

There are new blocks and also vertically-oriented block stacks that more closely mimic the way text-based code is structured. Constructor Mode bridges the gap between the icon-based Code Lab (Sandbox Mode) and the full Cozmo SDK. The key here is that learning to code is fun and you can see immediate results from the coding that you put in.

Anki Ups Your Cozmo Coding Skills With Code Lab
Anki makes it easy for kids to learn coding

You can do all kinds of fun things like conducting a symphony with Cozmo, turn Cozmo’s Cubes into a light show for dancing, play Hot Potato, use Cozmo as a Fire Truck alarm, and more.

You can even remix the code any way you like and submit your own projects to be showcased in the Featured Projects section of Code Lab.

In short, Anki’s Code Lab is the driving force behind making Cozmo fun and making it possible to learn quickly and efficiently (and cool to be a geek).

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