The more I can touch something without having to press it is the way I want to deal with everything.  Being touchscreen is obviously going to make something cooler. But what about when it comes to a Rubik’s Cube, whose traditional experience was some good old fashioned twisting and turning?

An expensive upgrade at $150, I can see this being cool for a couple minutes and fun to pass around at a party or amongst friends.  The touchscreen Rubik’s Cube is expected to ship by the 15th of this month but you can pre-order one now.

This is the touchscreen version of the Rubik’s cube that first challenged puzzle-solvers nearly 30 years ago. Instead of turning each face of the cube to line up colors, modern-day players need only lightly swipe a section of lights with a finger in the same manner as the original.
Touch sensors on all sides detect your finger and a motion detecting accelerometer determines which face is active; the colors change according to the direction of your finger’s swipe. Its built-in memory saves your puzzle so you can pick up where you left off. It can offer hints, or if you are truly exasperated, it can solve itself. The cube recharges in eight hours using its display stand, allowing one hour of play.

[via RandomGoodStuff]


Jeff B