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YWQ Hip Black Matte ReviewF

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Updated June 27, 2022
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There’s nothing worse than pouring your favorite drink—alcohol or not—into a flask, packing it inside a backpack, only to discover it leaked everywhere. That wasn’t an issue with the YWQ Hip Black Matte 8 oz Flask, making it the best flask for personal use indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its top grade steel, it even has anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Why We Like It – YWQ Hip Black Matte

A great flask with a leak-proof design made of high quality stainless steel that’s anti-rust and anti-corrosion, wrapped with an appealing matte black finish.

  • Top grade stainless steel used
  • Leak-proof
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion
  • Don’t store liquid more than 12 hours
  • Plastic cap is weak


The YWQ Hip Black Matte Flask came in handy for those quiet nights. Downing a strong drink was easy, as was pouring. And the funnel great for refilling it again and again. What impressed us most was the lack of leakage; 100% leak proof design ensures your drink never leaves the bottle unless you want it to, unlike other 8 oz stainless steel hip flasks like Gifts Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask.

As durable as it is, we did notice discoloration in the beverages. It showed up the first few times used, but soon dispersed and didn’t happen again. We recommended no longer than 12 hours or, at the very least, give it a really good clean before use. For your next camp, go with the flask in our Yeti rambler 18 oz review.


The YWQ Stainless Steel Matte Black Flask made several great design choices that put it ahead of the best flasks on our list. As a high quality stainless steel flask, it’s anti-rust and anti-rust. You won’t be downing strange chemicals like you might with a plastic water bottle. And the matte black finish is a nice departure from the plain stainless steel look. What if you want a flag with an American flag design? Read about it in the Outzie american flag flask review.

Unfortunately, the plastic cap is weak. Overall it was leak-proof, but with enough use it will become brittle and break. We had the same issue with the Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask, though with that stainless steel one, plastic bits showed up. The YWQ did not have that problem.


The YWQ Hip Black Matte 8 oz Flask might appear cheap—$10 is cheap, after all—but its performance and design feel like it’s double the price. There’s small problems that can be overlooked, but it’s overall a great product. We loved the matte black finish most of all. Seeing a plain-looking steel flask was getting tiresome. Even though the Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask is $2 cheaper, the YWQ has style. We would pick the YWQ any time of the day.

YWQ Hip Black Matte Wrap Up

Breaking away from tradition is a nice touch the YWQ Hip Black Matte Flask does best. Flasks don’t always have to be the same grey steel finish, even if it is, technically speaking. It still has that tough steel build that makes it anti-rust and anti-corrosive, while being leak-proof. It would’ve been better had the plastic cap been replaced with something stronger.

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