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Yeti Rambler 18 oz Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Since their launch to the United States market in Spring of 2016, Yeti Rambler bottles have continued to grow popular among people who like to move around with their beverages, and also keep them as hot or as cold as they need to be. This is possible thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation technology that keeps any change in temperature at bay. The Yeti Rambler bottle is also available in a number of sizes, though in this review, we’re going to be focusing on the 18 oz bottle. Yeti is a brand that is more widely known for its coolers and drinkware, but does it’s water bottle really live up to the hype as a top pick for the best flask for 2020? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Yeti Rambler 18oz

At 18 oz, most people found that the Yeti Rambler Water Bottle allows them to carry just enough water, tea or coffee to keep thirst at bay. The water bottle comes with a double-wall vacuum insulated build, and is made out of kitchen-grade stainless steel for long lasting durability.

  • Durable Stainless Steel build
  • Good insulation
  • Available in many colors
  • Heavy


As more and more people take up the use of water bottles, we continue to see a preference for a pick that does not dent easily. The Yeti water bottle’s strong stainless steel build helps it stay in shape even after a lot of drops just like the Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask, making it durable enough for long term use. Its wide mouth is also great since it makes filling it up a breeze, and doesn’t give you any problems when washing. The same applies to the chug cap that it comes with, though we don’t see many users actually using it in place of a cup or glass.


The tall, slim design of the stainless steel Yeti water bottle gives it a nice look, with the Yeti name embossed in full caps close to its base. With that done, you probably won’t be able to do any engravings done as you would with the Gifts Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask. The vacuum insulated bottle comes in a matte-esque finish, which doesn’t necessarily work to give it a good grip, but makes it look really good especially when it comes in black. With that said, black is not the only color it comes in. You can choose from a mix of up to 17 hues to make sure its color matches your vibe.


You don’t have to worry about throwing this insulated bottle into a dishwasher since it’s built to be dishwasher safe, unlike the YWQ Hip Black Matte Flask. Also, if the chug cap that comes with it isn’t that impressive, you can always opt for the triplehaul cap as a replacement. For even more added value, the Yeti bottle comes with a neat No Sweat Design which means you won’t see it’s outside developing any form of condensation regardless of whether you have hot or cold water inside.

Yeti Rambler 18oz Wrap Up

The Yeti Rambler is a perfect choice for keeping your water cold or hot, many hours later after you’ve poured it into the bottle. It beats out a lot of other water bottles at this, so you should rest assured that you’ll be making a quality purchase. In case you go ahead and receive a model that has a defect after purchase, all you have to do is send an email to their customer care email address and you’ll be sorted out.

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