X-Series Grill by Porsche Design Studios Cooks Like A Tesla Drives

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Updated June 27, 2022

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This is one of the best grills ever. The X-Series Grill by Porsche Design Studios maybe three years old, but that hasn’t stopped us from drooling over this cooking apparatus. If you want a grill with a slightly different design, take a look at our Fuego F24C gas grill review too.

Designed with the minimal aesthetic in mind, this grill utitlizes the latests in, well, grill technology.  Instead of charcoal or traditional gas burner, it uses infrared technology.  The fuel is still propane, but the results are less energy consumption (purportedly 80% less gas), less smoke, and a flavor that is comparable to that of charcoal.  You see, infrared cooking, which is also found in charcoal, doesn’t warm the air and then cook the food.  For the sake of simplicity, and relating our understanding, it instead cooks the food in a more direct manner and seals in all those wonderful juices. If you want a grille you can take on your next camping trip, you should also take a look at our review of the to go grille.

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That being said, the X-Series Grill is replete with an LCD display that pairs with a remote thermometer for monitoring cooking temperature.  It also includes LED burner status lights, a set of concealed cupboards for dishes, a rechargeable battery pack for powering the grill’s electronics, side shelves, 1,120 total square inches of cooking surface, four porcelain coated cast-iron cooking grids, a secondary cooking rack, and the always necessary temperature gauge.

The  X-Series Porsche grill is available in a matte black finish for $5,999, while the X-Series Island sports a stainless steel finish and costs $8,499.

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