Why You Should Get a Gaming Chair

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Updated December 6, 2022

Gaming chairs have become extremely popular for hardcore gamers, Twitch streamers, and just about every kid out there. You may be wondering if a modern gaming chair would be a good fit for your setup.


  • Gaming chairs tend to be ergonomically designed and feature plenty of adjustability points.
  • These chairs are available in a large variety of colors and designs, suiting nearly any customer.
  • Gaming chairs are made for comfort and typically include thick cushioning running throughout.

What is a Gaming Chair?

You may be wondering what makes a chair a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are seats that have been purpose-built for gaming and related applications. They share some common features with ergonomic office chairs, but also boast some stark differences. If you are curious about some great ergonomic chairs, check out the Ergohuman V2 vs V3.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Here are some of the main advantages of purchasing a gaming chair, so you can decide if buying one is worth it. Most gaming chairs are built to comfort your back since you are seated for long periods. You can read our comparison of two gaming chair brands by checking out GT Omega Racing vs DXRacer.

Optimized Posture

Gaming chair features optimize overall posture due to ergonomic designs and spinal support features. After all, gaming sessions can last for hours, so the chair has to remain comfortable for the duration. High-grade chairs feature a number of adjustability options, for spinal health and comfort, and typically include a lumbar support cushion of some kind. The adjustment options available include height, neck, armrest positioning, and reclining, among others. Be sure to read the fine print before making a purchase to see what adjustment options come with the chair.

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Gaming chair features optimize overall posture due to ergonomic designs and spinal support features.

Overall Comfort

These chairs are designed for lengthy gaming sessions, so they tend to prioritize overall comfort. The best gaming chairs typically include thick cushioning running throughout for comfort. These chairs also generally feature breathable mesh backrests, which can help with airflow and blood circulation. As a word of caution, if a gaming chair does not feature a breathable mesh backrest, it could get sticky during a lengthy bout of gameplay.

Design Choices

One of the main reasons gaming chairs have caught on with live streamers and teenagers is the fact that they are available in a wide array of design and aesthetic options. If you are looking for a loud and unique design, chances are you will be able to find it. They are also available in multiple different materials that have their own pros and cons. If you are curious, read more about the best material for gaming chairs. Don’t worry, there are plenty of gaming chairs out there with a neutral design.

Sturdy Components

Gaming chairs tend to feature ultra-sturdy components, as they are intended for long gameplay sessions. Look for a base manufactured using high-grade and long-lasting materials. You should also opt for a gaming chair with rollers, or wheels, on the bottom, which can allow the chair to easily glide across nearly any surface. Moving around while sitting can help ease the postural strain. As much as gaming chairs are amazing, they do have their unique problems like cost.

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The best gaming chairs typically include thick cushioning running throughout for comfort.


What are the long-term benefits of gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs simply look cool and could be a conversation starter in your home. These chairs also support overall postural health.

Are gaming chairs ergonomic?

Yes, though it helps to understand what ergonomic means in this context. In regards to gaming chairs, ergonomics refers to the number of adjustability points available.

Can a gaming chair help me win a game?

In a way. Gaming chairs will not contribute to your victory directly but will help you remain healthy while practicing, which could contribute to your overall skill level.

STAT: According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke , as many as 80% of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives, and nearly a quarter of Americans experienced back pain within the past three weeks. (source)

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