Where’s Wallet: A Smart Wallet For Forgetfuls

If you’re one of those people that are constantly losing things at a restaurant, bar or even in your own home, here’s a product for you from the MIJLO company: Where’s Wallet, a smart wallet that keeps track of your wallet and alerts you if you venture too far from it.

Where’s Wallet comes in three different varieties, including a slip wallet, a bifold, and the clutch, each of which are constructed with vegetable-tanned leather. Each of the three wallets comes with a thin, unobtrusive sensor hidden within that connects to a companion app, the Where’s Wallet app. The app allows users to set a notification range so that your phone will beep the moment you step outside of that range. You’ll also be able to tap the alarm button through the app that will activate a loud alarm on your phone so that you’re able to find it. On top of that, if you happen to turn off the notification range and your wallet gets misplaced, you can view its last known location on a map to retrace your steps. The wallet’s battery lasts for ten months and are easily replaceable, as the battery is sold in a variety of electronics stores.

The Slip wallet will sell for $49, the Bi-fold for $69, and the Clutch for $99 — at least while it is still on Kickstarter. MIJLO currently has at least ten more color options on the way, as well as other features, such as radar tracking which will allow you to find your wallet with increased speed and accuracy, as well as a phone finder that will allow you to track down your phone should you have your wallet but not your phone.

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