Vizio V-Series Review

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Updated January 18, 2023
88 Expert Rating

As one of the best TV monitors for gaming, the Vizio V-Series (V505-G9) has a lot to offer. With a full array UHD display of 3840 x 2160p, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and support for a variety of HDR technologies (Dolby Vision, HDR10, & HLG), this TV brings a lot to the table for less than $500. Speaking of a lot to the table, find out what’s on offer from some of the best TVs around.

Why We Like It – Vizio V-Series

The Vizio V Series (V505-G9) is a 50” 4K UDH smart TV with local dimming, an Octa-Core processor, and Dolby Vision HDR capabilities that’s available for less than $500.

  • 50” UDH Display
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Integrated Apple Airplay 2 & Chromecast Compatibility
  • Fragile Screen


The V505-G9 offers decent specs with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a viewing angle of 178°, the ability to display over 1 billion different colors, and Dolby Vision technology. These specs, combined with a display resolution of 3840 x 2160, mean you won’t experience lag while gaming, and the monitor itself will have deep blacks with a high level of contrast, thanks in part to local dimming.

The picture quality of this monitor makes it an excellent choice for gamers, especially given its price range. In addition, to resolution quality, the V505-G9 also delivers gaming features such as AMD FreeSync, refresh rates up to 120Hz, and a low input lag. All these features make it a great option for those looking for top-notch picture quality and gaming features. The V505-G9 is sure to deliver a great gaming experience without breaking the bank.

No speakers? No problem! This Vizio TV has two 10W speakers built-in for an adequate stock listening experience. But if you’re looking for something with more punch, that’s no issue either – this TV is compatible with Dolby Audio for immersive sound quality. It also has a Roku TV interface, providing instant access to streaming services and other content. Plus, its black levels are great, making it the perfect choice for dark-room viewing experiences.

If you like this TV, take a look at our Vizio V505 review. Additionally, models like the V505-G9 are equipped with rich sound from Dolby Atmos, which produces up to 10 independent audio channels for an immersive soundscape. This is perfect for those who like to have powerful volume and clear, high-fidelity sounds for their gaming or movie experience.

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Viewing Angle

This TV meets the standard viewing angles for LED TVs, with a 178° horizontal viewing angle & a 178° vertical viewing angle. The added benefits of HDR technology on a screen size of 50″ mean you’ll continue to get a great picture no matter where you’re looking at the TV.

Color accuracy is excellent, and color temperature options are available to personalize the color range. HDR performance is spot on, with deeper blacks that result in a more dynamic picture. Additionally, there’s also an anti-glare coating that ensures even viewing no matter your lighting environment.

But motion can be an issue on some televisions, which is why this TV has a variable refresh rate of 60Hz. This helps ensure that motion stays smooth, giving you a better viewing experience. Additionally, the adjustable backlight means you can tailor the brightness of the display to your environment, allowing you to get the perfect picture no matter how bright or dark your room is.

If you’re looking for a UHD TV with a larger display, consider the Sony X900H 85 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This will come in handy when you’re watching the game or playing COD with friends.

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Vizio V-Series TVs have a standard black plastic casing with fairly thin bezels on each side of the screen, which won’t take away much from your viewing experience. Each TV comes with a simple two-part stand that consists of two little stands (each with two small legs). While the overall exterior construction of this television is decent, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the screen. The LED screen is very sensitive and prone to cracking, so if you are someone who moves your TV around a lot, then this is probably not the TV for you.

Furthermore, the wide range of brightness makes it difficult to find a good balance between bright and dim. The response time is slightly slower than other TVs, causing the image to lag in moments of great action. All in all, there is a wide range of differences between this TV and other models, with response time being one of the most significant.

Ports & Expandability

You’ll find a small variety of inputs on this TV, including 3 HDMI inputs, a USB 2.0 port, a cable antenna port (which works with the internal tuner), a composite input, and an ethernet port (if three HDMI inputs aren’t enough, consider the Samsung Q80R TV, which has 4 HDMI inputs). For outputs, it has both analog & digital audio-out ports but lacks any other options. On the plus side, one of the HDMI ports is ARC-compatible, so your audio options won’t be limited at all.

It’s also worth noting that this TV has a built-in Roku app, so you don’t need to buy a separate streaming device if you plan to use that feature. All in all, the features are about what you’d expect for a TV at this price point. It has enough HDMI ARC, USB port, and Roku features to get the job done while also staying lightweight and budget-friendly. Ultimately, its inputs/outputs should be sufficient for a majority of consumers.


For the price, you get a lot from the Vizio V-Series (especially when compared to similarly-sized TVs such as the Sony X950H). It has a UHD 4K display, local dimming, more-than-average HDR support, and Vizio WatchFree pre-installed. It even comes with accessories (a 6-ft. HDMI cord, two velcro cable ties, & a microfiber cleaning cloth), and Vizio offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty too! Scoring 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 59 Amazon ratings, this TV seems like a good investment overall. The only concern we have is with the durability of the screen, which has a tendency to crack easily.

Vizio V-Series Wrap Up

Overall, the Vizio V-Series TV is a great purchase for the price. It offers a 4K display, a variety of HDR options, and streaming support, all for less than $500. While it would have been nice to have seen a more durable screen and the addition of another HDMI input, these shortcomings aren’t dealbreakers, so we definitely still recommend the V505-G9!

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