Ultimate Workmate Rolling Briefcase Laptop Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’ve been looking for a storage solution that offers a lot more space than your conventional briefcase does, then the Ativa Ultimate workmate rolling briefcase might be something that you might be interested in. It’s a rolling briefcase tote that’s got a lot of space for carrying all the documents you need as you move around, and a number of removable file slots that’ll help you keep things well organized inside. The Ultimate workmate briefcase makes it onto our best briefcase and best bags because of the many applications that you can use it for, and we also love it since it helps keep everything within easy reach. Get on with the rest of this review to see if it could be worth purchasing or gifting someone in need of the best travel gear

Why We Like It – Ultimate Workmate Rolling Briefcase Laptop

The Ultimate Working Rolling laptop bag is all you need to move around with your documents and laptops with ease, especially if you’d rather not carry around a briefcase. It’s made out of a strong polyester fabric, and has a lot of organized storage spaces for you to use.

  • Fits 15-inch laptop
  • Has telescopic handle
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Expensive


The telescopic handle on this rolling tote briefcase allows you to roll it behind you the same way you would a suitcase, and it telescopes up to a height of 42.5 inches so you can easily push or pull it around. Whenever you’re in a crowded area where rolling the briefcase isn’t a viable option, you can opt to use the top or side handles to carry it. There’s a top, front and side pocket on it so you’ll be able to store a lot of stuff in pockets that you can easily reach.


This Ativa ultimate workmate briefcase weighs only 1 pound when empty, making it a lot lighter than the RoadPro SPC 931R Silver Aluminum Briefcase. It’s made of 1680 denier polyester that’ll keep it looking spick and span over a long period of use, and also has built-in casters that allow for easy movement. It’s 15 inch laptop pocket black color and segmented compartments make it one of the best briefcases you can get at it’s price.

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To keep any doubts that you may have about quality at bay, the Ultimate working rolling briefcase laptop bag comes with an extensive 3 year limited warranty, which is a policy that you won’t get with the Alpine Swiss Expandable Briefcase Combination lock briefcase. It’s RFID blocking pockets will also make sure your credit cards and IDs are protected from unwanted scanning, and it’s push button telescope handle is able to lock into place at your desired rolling height. However, if you would prefer a briefcase that allows you to fit your laptop and all other accessories securely without having too many pockets, the Samsonite Classic Business Gusset Black review will provide all the information you need. 

Ultimate Workmate Rolling Briefcase Laptop Wrap Up

Available from both office depot and Amazon, this briefcase laptop bag has enough positive customer reviews to guarantee it as a worthy purchase. It’s got a huge capacity, is lightweight, and is also made of a durable fabric that’ll see it through a lot of years of use.