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Sony X750H offers fantastic 4K pictures rich with real-world detail and texture, excellent color accuracy, good motion performance, good response time, and excellent mid-range bass tones. However, it’s held back by insufficient peak brightness and HDR performance, small viewing angles, and no support for VRR. This screen is similar to the Sony X800H that is great for people hosting a viewing party.

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The Sony X750H is the brand’s entry-level LCD TV released in 2020. It promises to deliver higher contrast ratios over traditional LCD TVs and higher-end models. The TV aims to please those who play video games or stream movies and TV shows, especially in a dark room. This X750H boasts a 4k display, is HDR10 compatible, and includes Sony’s SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) innovative tv platform, which provides access to a wide variety of music and streaming apps. Keep reading our Sony X750H review to learn more about what top experts said, and don’t forget to check out other top-of-the-line highest rated TVs available right now.


our Verdict

The Sony X750H offers 4K pictures with real-world detail and texture, accurate color, good motion performance, good response time, and mid-range bass tones. It’s great for watching action movies or enjoying a quality picture. However, it lacks peak brightness and HDR performance, has narrow viewing angles, and no support for VRR. If you’re looking for another great 4K TV, check out the Sony X90J.

Reason to Buy

  • Fantastic 4K Picture Quality
  • Superb Color Accuracy
  • Good Motion Performance
  • Good Response Time
  • Excellent Mid-Range Bass

Reason to Avoid

  • Lackluster Peak Brightness
  • Only Average HDR Performance
  • Doesn’t Support VRR
  • NarrowViewing Angles

Sony X750H Specs

Backlight TypeBacklight TypeDirect Lit
Display TypeLED
HDMI Inputs
HDR FormatHDR10, HLG
LED Panel TypeLED Panel TypeVA
Max Resolution3840 x 2160 (4k)
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Screen size55", 65"
Smart PlatformSmart PlatformAndroid TV
Sync TechnologySync Technologyn/a

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Test Results

Color Gamut % (DCI P3 xy)87.13
Color Gamut % (DCI P3 uv)92.1
Color Gamut % (Rec 2020 xy)63.55
Color Gamut % (Rec 2020 uv)68.9
Color Gamut % (sRGB)0
Color Gamut % (Rec 709)0
Color Gamut % (BT.2020)0
Color Gamut % (Adobe RGB)0
Color Gamut % (BT.709)0
Contrast Ratio (x:1)5,726
SDR Brightness (nits)345
HDR Brightness (nits)371
Input Lag (ms)12.1
Response Time (ms)18.8
Color Washout (Degrees)31
Color Shift (Degrees)29
Brightness Loss (Degrees)37
Reflections (%)6
Low-Freq Extension (Hz)89.8
Freq Response StdDev @ 70db3.44
Freq Response StdDev @ 80db3.38
Weighted Total Harmonic Distortion @80db0.079
Intermodulation Distortion @80db44.9
EOTF (600 nit delta)0
EOTF (1000 nit delta)0
EOTF (4000 nit delta)0

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    The Sony X750H is decent for most uses. It has a high contrast ratio and… read more


    Alexander Tozzi
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    As expected the Sony X750H is an entry-level model that has no surprising specs that… read more



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