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The Samsung QN85A QLED TV is excellent for most users, thanks to its wide viewing angles, high peak brightness, HDMI 2.1 support, and 120Hz native refresh rate. However, users with dark rooms need to watch out for the low contrast and insufficient black levels.


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Product Snapshot


The Samsung QN85A QLED TV is Samsung’s mid-range 4K HDR mini LED TV released in February 2021. It promises to provide better viewing angles than VA panel TVs, thanks to its ADS-type display.

The panel is very similar to an IPS display, and quantum matrix technology delivers excellent color accuracy. The 120Hz native refresh rate makes the TV ideal for motion handling.

In addition, it boasts a fantastic response time, HDMI 2.1 support, and comes with Samsung’s Tizen OS for a smooth operation. All of that combines into a TV that targets avid gamers looking for an entry-level 4K HDR TV for their PCs and next-gen gaming consoles.

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our Verdict

The Samsung QN85A QLED TV is a great choice for those with bright, spacious rooms. It’s perfect for gaming and watching movies and TV shows, with wide viewing angles, bright peak brightness, fast response time, and smooth viewing.

Gamers will love the 120Hz native refresh rate and low input lag. However, those with darker rooms may be disappointed by the low black levels and contrast ratio.

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent viewing angle
  • Fantastic peak brightness
  • HDMI 2.1 support
  • Presence of VRR, ALLM, and eARC
  • Judder free 24 FPS playback
  • Extremely low input lag
  • FreeSync and G Sync compatible
  • Amazing response time

Reason to Avoid

  • Low contrast ratio
  • Poor black levels
  • Visible blooming and clouding
  • No support for Dolby Vision
  • Lackluster screen uniformity
  • Backlight bleed is present
  • Low frame rate content may appear to stutter

Samsung QN85A QLED Specs

Backlight TypeBacklight TypeMini LED
Display TypeQLED
HDMI Inputs1
HDR FormatYes
HomeKit CompatibleHomeKit CompatibleNo
Max Resolution3840 x 2160 (4k)
Number of Audio ChannelsNumber of Audio Channels7.1
Panel TypePanel TypeADS
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Screen size55", 65", 75", 85"
Smart PlatformSmart PlatformTizen
Speaker OutputSpeaker Output60 watts
Sync TechnologySync TechnologyAMD FreeSync, G-Sync
Works WithWorks WithAmazon Alexa, Bluetooth, Google Assistant, Remote Control, SmartThings, Wi-Fi

All Specs

Test Results

Color Gamut % (DCI P3 xy)92.06
Color Gamut % (DCI P3 uv)95.93
Color Gamut % (Rec 2020 xy)68.68
Color Gamut % (Rec 2020 uv)75.66
Color Gamut % (sRGB)0
Color Gamut % (Rec 709)0
Color Gamut % (BT.2020)0
Color Gamut % (Adobe RGB)0
Color Gamut % (BT.709)0
Contrast Ratio (x:1)195,600
SDR Brightness (nits)1,124
HDR Brightness (nits)1,189
Input Lag (ms)10.3
Response Time (ms)10.5
Color Washout (Degrees)38
Color Shift (Degrees)54
Brightness Loss (Degrees)38
Reflections (%)1.3
Low-Freq Extension (Hz)119.87
Freq Response StdDev @ 70db3.38
Freq Response StdDev @ 80db3.37
Weighted Total Harmonic Distortion @80db0.114
Intermodulation Distortion @80db7.75
EOTF (600 nit delta)0.0224
EOTF (1000 nit delta)0.0224
EOTF (4000 nit delta)0.0181

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