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The Samsung QN75Q8FN Q8 Series QLED 4K UHD Smart TV is no slouch when it comes to picture quality; in fact, that’s it’s schtick. Featuring Samsung’s Q HDR Elite, Quantum dot technology, and a 4K UHD resolution, Samsung’s QLED TV is more than ready to display HDR content in vivid, crisp and realistic colors like never before. Is it the best 4K TV? That remains to be seen!

Why We Like It – Samsung QN75Q8FN

With full array backlighting control, Quantum dots for impressive color quality, and HDR—the Samsung QN75Q8FN is all about showing off quality on a 75-inch screen.

  • Stunning picture quality
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 75-inches of screen to view
  • Expensive


What’s immediately apparent is the Samsung QN75Q8FN’s black levels and local dimming. HDR really comes into its own by brightening the brights and darkening the darks, but rarely at the determinant of being hard to see. Details pop in dark areas, as they should, without seeming artificial. Local dimming is relatively low, with only a slight haze around subtitles, though you’d have to squint to see it. And with Quantum Dot technology, colors are revealed in stunning shades that an HDTV can’t begin to produce. This is all then wrapped in a 240 motion rate, which is effectively 120Hz refresh rate.


The design of the Samsung QN75Q8FN isn’t unique, but the Sony XBR-A1E OLED surely is. It’s thin, has a brushed metal look to it at the back of the Samsung TV, and it’s carbon silver, which is a really nice finish. In fact, it can almost fade from view with Ambient Mode, nearly blending in with your walls like a chameleon. The screen itself is 75-inches and is anti-reflective to the T. You won’t have an issue watching or playing in brightly lit environments. However, viewing angles can see a slight quality dip when viewed at 50 degrees and higher.


So where does the QN75Q8FN TV Samsung created fall on the scale? Its most impressive feature is its flagship quantum dot technology, which offers some great picture quality—above its Samsung Q7F cousin. A fast 120Hz refresh rate and Game Mode does offer a hand to gaming, though it’s case by case to determine if OLED TVs or QLED TVs are better for it. This boils the Samsung Q8FN QLED TV to merely looking good, making it hard to justify its $1900 price tag. You’re best off going with a cheaper alternative, like the TCL 55R617, or dropping down to the 55-inch model, which is just below $1200.

Samsung QN75Q8FN Wrap Up

In conclusion, our Samsung QN75Q8FN TV review should give you the impression that we’re impressed by the TV’s quality. It’s hard not to be—but we would’ve wanted more focus on who it’s for. With a 120Hz refresh rate, it can be used for casual gamers, and its HDR and color quality make it amazing for watching your favorite flicks.

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