Samsung Q90R Review

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Updated December 18, 2022
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Powered by a 4K quantum processor, the Samsung Q90R brings you a sharp and vibrant picture quality which, along with a whole lot of other features, allows you to have a splendid viewing experience. In this TV review, we go over how, despite being a QLED TV, the Q90R has a great contrast ratio and really deep black levels. With an additional optical layer in front of its LCD panel, the Q90R also has really wide viewing angles. And so, pairing all of that with an HDR real scene peak brightness of 1304 cd/m2 and a wide color gamut, the Samsung Q90R stands out even among its OLED counterparts as a QLED TV likely to be named the best 4K TV. Read on to see how it stacks up against some of the best TVs around.

Why We Like It – Samsung Q90R

A flagship model in Samsung’s 4K TV lineup, the Samsung Q90R brings to you an Ultra HD, QLED viewing experience with excellent picture quality, an amazing local dimming feature, and despite being a QLED TV, extremely good, wide viewing angles. And thus, paired with Samsung’s premium design and build quality, the Tizen-based smart platform, and an astounding 240Hz refresh rate, the Samsung Q90R is likely to be the best TV out there. Don’t believe us? Compare with our Mitsubishi Diamond 842 82-inch 3D DLP home cinema TV review.

  • Amazing picture quality
  • Ultra viewing angles
  • Low input lag
  • Pretty expensive
  • Having a QLED panel does not have perfect blacks


Powered by a Quantum 4K processor and HDR10+, the Samsung Q90R allows you to experience a spectacular viewing experience with refined colours and sharp details. Having a contrast ratio of 11200: 1, thanks to its full array of backlight local dimming, the QLED TV allows you to view pure whites and almost perfect blacks. And although it doesn’t have Dolby Vision the backlights can be adjusted to your needs, allowing you to see darker blacks while the excellent angle technology makes it a perfect pick for watching content with a wide seating arrangement. All this makes the Samsung Q90R a perfect pick for bright rooms and also good for dark rooms. But if you’re someone who prefers dark rooms, and is fascinated by a pure perfect black level, OLED TVs like the Sony XBR-A1E are a great choice.

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Moreover, the Samsung Q90R also features a variable refresh rate along with a game mode which provides a low input lag of 24ms and a fast response time of 9.6ms. Paired with a motion interpolation feature this prevents screen tearing and also makes the Q90R a great choice for gaming. The QLED TV does however show a noticeable amount of dirty screen effect which is however made up for by an anti glare coating on the panel which reduces reflections significantly. Finally, the Q90R also has a Tizen based smart platform which gives this smart TV a wide range of app accessibility and thanks to its simple remote, and mobile allows you to easily browse through them.


The Samsung Q90R has a solid build quality with a sturdy stand made of solid metal. It has a unique design almost making it seem as if the screen itself is floating. As like last year, the Q90R QLED also has good cable management thanks to the one connect box. This means that the LCD TV itself has only one wire connected to it while the rest of your devices are connected to the one connect box which is meant to be placed in a cabinet away from the TV. The box itself includes a number of input options from 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, an ethernet port, a cable connector and a 3.5mm EX-Link port. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any analog video connections, so you might need an additional HDMI converter.

Furthermore, the Samsung Q90R QLED has a very thin border which allows for an excellent viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy the movie mode and picture mode to their fullest extent. As for the remote control itself, it has a simple design with a few buttons but with full functionality, including voice control allowing you to use Bixby. However, that does put a dent when it comes to compatibility as it largely depends on Samsung originated products. Finally, it supports Samsungs no gap wall mount which along with the wall generation technology complements your interiors. If you prefer a TV with a minimalistic and borderless design, take a look at our Samsung Q80T QLED TV review.


The Samsung Q90R is an amazing TV with a number of unique features like auto motion as well as motion plus which along with its splendid color space and large contrast ratio, make it one of the best TVs available. It has pure whites and deep blacks, which even compete if not win against other OLED models. However, the Samsung Q90R is a flagship product and so also comes at a high price. And so, even though it has a great picture quality with an amazing colour gamut, it has simply too high a price for moderate users. It does provide you with ultra viewing angles and a lot of other features, but many of you don’t need all of them. So considering the price you can get good choices like the Samsung Q7F or the TCL 55R617 which are budget friendly whilst also retaining a good amount of the picture quality. But they don’t however have as good a viewing angle nor a good enough local dimming. So if you’re someone who needs almost all that the Q90R Samsung TV has to offer, it is a great pick for you.

Samsung Q90R Wrap Up

The LED LCD TV does indeed surpass many of its competitors when it comes to performance. With almost perfect blacks and an ultra viewing angle, despite being a QLED TV, the Samsung Q90R exceeds your expectations. It has an amazing design with a premium build quality and also fulfills the needs when it comes to gaming. Overall, the TV is one of the best choices you can get. But only if you can afford it. For those who prefer a lower priced choice, the Samsung Q7F and the TCL 55R617 are options worth considering.