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Kitting out the kitchen is an activity that most homeowners always look forward to, and top on the list of appliances that they cannot afford to make a wrong choice on is the microwave. If you don’t want to compromise on good looks and great features, the Samsung stainless steel MG14H3020CM microwave should be on your radar since it is one of the Best Microwaves. It has a decent power output of about 950 Watts, a sleek LCD, up to 10 power levels, and a shiny mirror design that will have it looking so good on your countertop. Interested in finding out if it could be the best built-in microwave for your home? Make sure you get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – Samsung MG14H3020CM

The shiny black mirror finish, 950 Watt cooking power, and varying Auto Cook options that you’ll get with the Samsung MG14H3020CM microwave make it a great tool to have in your kitchen.

  • 10 Power levels
  • Auto Cook options for one touch food preparation
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts
  • No minute based Quick Cook functions

Power & Performance

The Samsung MG14H3020CM may not match up to the Panasonic Microwave Oven 1200 Watts power capacity, but even at 950 Watts, it’ll still be able to whip up most of the things that you’d want it to. The countertop microwave comes with up to 10 different cooking power levels and several auto cook presets that’ll help you take away the guesswork out of heating & defrosting. The Samsung microwave also has an interior capacity of about 1.4 cubic feet, making it ideal for preparing medium to large food portions. If you want more power capacity, say 1250 Watts try the Panasonic Stainless Steel Microwave.


Flip open the door of this Samsung microwave oven, and you’ll find a ceramic enamel interior that is scratch-resistant and also very easy to clean. The microwave is primarily made out of stainless steel, and this is key because steel helps prevent microwave energy from leaking out. Also worth mentioning is that you’ll get a full year’s warranty coverage for all the parts that make up this microwave. Still, its magnetron (an element that creates the electromagnetic waves) is an exception to this rule, backed by a 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Ease of Use

The Samsung MG14H3020CM microwave is almost as easy to use as the Panasonic Microwave 1200w NN-SN686S, so if you’ve had experience with using that one before, then the touchpad on the Samsung microwave should be pretty easy to get around. First, you’ll find a set of Auto cook buttons that allow you to handle any meal with the push of a button, and below it, you’ll find the standard Numpad that you can use to input your meal’s required power level or the time it should take to get done.

Additional Features & Versatility

To make it possible for you to prepare crispy foods, this Samsung microwave features traditional microwave heating and a grilling element. You can also have its grilling feature turned on with the door open so that you’re able to observe as your food gets ready closely, and since it comes fitted with a ceramic plate, you’ll be all ready and set to make your pizza at home instead of ordering.


The one feature that we wish this Samsung grill microwave came with is a sensor of sorts that would detect the kind of food you put inside and automatically decide what power and time to use to get that food fixed up. If this is a feature that you cannot do without, we recommend going through the NN-SD372S Panasonic Microwave Review. Otherwise, the Samsung microwave grill remains to be a perfect cooking companion for your kitchen. If you still don’t think so, then maybe once you read through the many positive product reviews that first-time buyers wrote on its Amazon page, you might have a change of heart.

Samsung MG14H3020CM Wrap Up

The Samsung MG14H3020CM microwave has got all you need to handle light to moderate meals without a hassle. If you’d like to have it installed into your kitchen wall, but in our opinion, we think it’ll look great sitting on any countertop.

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