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Arstechnica is a Niche News site founded in 1998 that’s based in New York, New York. They earned an average Trust Score of 54% for 4 categories out of 15 we evaluated. Consequently, their product reviews are not trusted when it comes to reliability.

Most of their categories contain mentions of the reviewer using the product, real world photos, and quantitative test results. Some have category-specific test methodologies. Their test methodologies are rather outdated, though. For their general content, they provide some foundational details like an About Us page, privacy policy, and comment section, but also lack others like a scoring system and ethics statement.

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Year founded



New York, New York


Publication Trust Rating



Best Known For

Gaming Chairs

t 55.35%
Gaming Headset

t 56.55%

t 72.55%

t 52.55%
Office Chairs

t 59.35%
Vacuum Cleaners

t 52.55%
Computer Monitors

t 73.75%