Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer Killing Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Choosing the perfect backpack sprayer can be a very hectic task especially with the many options available in the market. Finding one that strikes the perfect balance between price and value may prove to be difficult, but the Field King professional 190328 backpack sprayer actually comes very close. It features a 4 gallon tank where you can have your pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer, and like many backpack sprayers of its size, it also comes with padded shoulder straps to make carrying it around a bit easier. It is well capable of heavy duty work, and despite not being battery powered, it does come with a number of innovations that make it a lot easier to use. Find out why we think it is the second best backpack sprayer by getting to the end of this review. If you don’t have a good sprayer for your lawn garden, you could use this option.

Why We Like It – Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer Killing

The Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer is perfect for farm tasks such as killing weeds or spraying fertilizer. It’s got a no leak pump design to protect users from chemicals, heavily padded shoulder straps for easy carrying, and a changeable spray nozzle – features that earn it a second position on our list of the best backpack sprayers.

  • High 150 PSI pressure rating
  • No leak pump design to prevent chemical contact on skin
  • Includes 4 different spray nozzles
  • Relies on manual operation


The Field King Professional 4 gallon backpack sprayer is arguably one of the best backpack sprayers in the market, and is second only to the Chapin 61900 4 Gallon Commercial Stainless steel sprayer. The 4 gallon sprayer features an internal no leak pump design, and this is to prevent any chemicals from leaking down your back as you’re spraying. With an internal piston pump that delivers pressures of up to 150 PSI, you should be able to get to hard to reach areas during spraying, and to help you further in doing so, the sprayer offers a variety of up to 4 different nozzles to choose from. There’s the brass adjustable nozzle, 2 flat fans nozzles, a foaming nozzle and tee jet nozzles, and all four are chosen depending on the kind of work that you want to do. Looking for an artificial tree that you can place on your home entranceway, or at the office? Check out our Nearly Natural 5209 ficus silk tree review.


The design of this FIeld Professional back sprayer is pretty much identical to that of the Chapin International 61500 ProSeries Translucent backpack, so there isn’t much that sets the two apart. The pump handle on this 4 gallon backpack can however be reversed for either left or right handed use, and its 21 inch poly wand comes with an intricate storage handle where you can fasten it instead of leaving it on the ground when not in use. As you should be able to see, the padded straps on this sprayer are significantly thicker compared to what you’ll find with other models, making it perfect for both shoulder and lumbar support. You might be searching for a reliable car canopy tent. Feel free to look at a great option in our Quictent 10x20ft upgraded reinforced cables blue review.


The internal piston pump that you’ll find inside the Field King Professional’s large tank sets it apart from the Chapin International 61500 ProSeries Translucent backpack sprayer in that it keeps liquid solutions well mixed and ready to spray. It’s no leak pump design & viton seals are also quite essential especially for those that tend to use chemicals, as it helps users avoid any cases of skin corrosion. The tank has a fairly large opening to allow for easy filling, and with a filtration basket inside, you can rest assured that no debris will get mixed up with whatever solution you’re pouring inside. We wish that the sprayer came with a steel wand instead of a poly wand, but other than that, we’re pretty satisfied with the sprayer, and not really surprised that it takes up second place on our best backpack sprayer list.

Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer Killing Wrap Up

This high quality, no leak pump backpack sprayer is quite easy to move around with thanks to its padded shoulder straps, waist belt and chest strap, and with a reasonably high 150 PSI pressure rating, it comes packed with power that will undoubtedly make your work a lot easier.

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