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Outzie American Flag Flask Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Showing off your patriotism can be done in so many different ways. What’s one more, right? With the Outzie American Flag Flask, you get the best flask to show off your love for the great United States of America with its faux leather covering stamped with the US flag, while it carries your favorite fire water too.

Why We Like It – Outzie American Flag Flask Review

An aesthetically pleasing American design with an easy grip, this flask will not only hold your drink but also share your patriotic enthusiasm in the process.

  • Leather cover makes it easy to grip
  • High quality stainless steel hip flask
  • Slim design; can fit in your pocket
  • Leather cover can’t be removed
  • Classic American flag design is hard to see


The Outzie Food Grade Stainless Steel Leak Proof Slim Flask did two things right: taste and seal. It did a good job sealing in drinks. That’s exactly what you want—no air leaking in, and no liquid leaking out. When it came to taste, the flask did have a strange smell at first but it quickly dispersed after using it for the first time. We recommend filling it with a cheap drink before pouring your best stuff inside or else you might transfer the smell to the taste, as you would for all stainless steel flasks regardless of price.


The Outzie American Flag Flask Soft Touch Cover is more appealing in design to, say, a Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask. Its high quality stainless steel body is wrapped in dark faux leather covering, stamped with the image of the American flag. The contrast between leather and steel is a very pleasing combination, unlike the plain steel of the Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see the flag unless you look straight at it, nor can the leather covering be removed.


Any random person who couldn’t care less about the American flag on their flask would probably turn their nose at this flask. It just isn’t for them. That leaves a very small pool of people this specific flask would appeal to: patriotic individuals. Leather wrapped and stamped with the American flag, they’re the best flasks for patriots—especially tucked into a gift box. Make sure you buy one as this does not come with its own gift box.

But if you prefer quantity over quality, the Gifts Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask provides a better deal. If the American flag isn’t your style, the YWQ Hip Black Matte Flask is a done deal.

Outzie American Flag Flask Review Wrap Up

If you have a patriot in mind, someone who loves the USA and the American flag, then this gift is for them. Its leather cover is pleasing and fitting, though sometimes hard to see. And it will keep their favorite fiery drink fresh in its 18/8 304 food grade stainless steel material.

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