Ninja Bl610 Professional Blender Review

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Updated May 31, 2023
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The Ninja Blender BL610’s main selling feature is its amazing price. But there are things they had to sacrifice in order to achieve this. A manual pulse feature is one, and the one-year limited warranty doesn’t really bode well with us either. In our review, Ninja came out on top, but check out the best blender list to see how other blenders stack up against it.

Why We Like It – Ninja Bl610 Professional Blender

The BL610 Blender will shock anyone with how affordable and feature-packed it is. At $80.00, it will come in at the price range that most people will consider fair and is much more affordable than the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series blender. It boasts power that far outclasses any other blender in an $80.00 price range and has features that you just won’t find as well.

  • Instant ice crushing
  • 72-ounce blender jar
  • Affordable
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Manual pulse feature
  • A little on the tall side


The Ninja BL610 Blender has almost instant crushing ice technology to make frozen drinks or treats in a jiffy. It can blend regular fruits or frozen fruits to make smoothies or even vegetables to make green smoothies. And if smoothies are your thing, the Ninja Ultima blender also comes with two single-serve cups. It comes with a powerful and robust 1000-watt motor that takes it a few steps above other similarly priced blenders, which is the same power you will find in our Braun Puremix Power blender review. If you want an even more powerful motor, check out the Oster Versa Pro Blender, which has 1,200 watts of power, or read our Ninja CT810 review for a 1500-watt option. The Ninja does have a pulse feature, but unfortunately, it has a manual pulse instead of an auto-pulse.


The Ninja Blender boasts a large, 72-ounce blender jar that’s perfect for entertaining or making yourself a couple of drinks on a warm summer night. The Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender has a 75-ounce jar if you desperately need that extra 3 ounces. With this blender, Ninja has included a handy food processor that can knead dough or nuts and spices fast. It’s not as noisy as most professional blenders, which is nice, but it is heavier and a lot longer, and those with low-hanging or small cupboards might find it difficult to store. Still, the range of blender models available from this company is a great alternative to other brand blenders, and worth considering.


The Ninja Professional Blender is BPA-free, which is always a nice touch even if it is industry standard now, and the countertop blender also comes with a one-year warranty. It’s dishwasher safe, and if you do lose or break a part, the locking lid, for example, you can always buy one of the many replacements available. The blender also comes in an affordable price range: only $80.00, which is about $20 less than the model of our Aicok blender review. At a slightly higher price, you can get the Nutribullet NBR-1201 if you are going to use your blender mainly for making smoothies.

Ninja Bl610 Professional Blender Wrap Up

Any Ninja BL610 review would mention the Ninja’s incredible price. I’ve done it many times during this review. But be wary that a price like this does come with some setbacks. They aren’t huge ones, though, so if you can get past them, we would recommend the Ninja BL610 for your blending needs.