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If you’re someone looking for a great viewing experience, and you cherish those perfect black levels as well as a good time playing games, the LG C9 OLED is a great pick for you. Capable of a HDR real scene brightness of upto 726 cd/m2, a wide viewing angle as well as a response time as fast as 0.2ms, the C9 OLED TV makes watching cinema home or playing games on your XBOX One even better. You can find another high quality TV in our Mitsubishi Diamond 842 82 inch 3D DLP home cinema TV review. And so, powered by the LG A9 Gen 2 processor and having images with sharp details and vibrant colours, the LG C9 is a likely candidate to be the best 4K TV out in the market. If you want a different kind of TV, you should also read our guide on how to choose the best plasma TV. In this TV review we go over how all that and a whole more make it possible.

Why We Like It – LG C9

With a stunning picture quality and a premium design, the LG C9 provides you with an amazing viewing experience with excellent HDR and perfect blacks thanks to its Ultra HD OLED panel. It has an infinite contrast ratio as like other OLED TVs, a great viewing angle as well as an extremely flexible smart interface. So with a surreal picture quality, a premium build and a great smart platform, the LG C9 OLED stands out as an amazing TV, on par with if not much better than many of its competitors. Compare this to our LG 55 cinema 3D TV with smart TV review if you’re not sure about the LG C9.

  • Amazing picture quality
  • A infinite contrast ratio thanks to its OLED panel
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Sound quality is only decent
  • Slightly high priced


Featuring HDR10 DOLBY Vision and DOLBY ATMOS, the LG C9 has an optimized image quality as well as a great sound quality. This along with its wide colour gamut, which is better than that of the Samsung Q90R, makes viewing HDR content all the much better. Apart from that the LG C9 also has Nvidia G-Sync compatibility which paired with a low input lag of 7ms at a refresh rate of 120Hz, makes it a great pick for gaming. It also supports a variable refresh rate, as well as a Tru motion setting which enables the Black Frame Insertion feature. This clears up the persistence blur, once again boosting your gaming experience.

Unlike other LCD TVs, this LG OLED TV has a risk of burning in. But as like every other OLED TV review will say, this only happens after viewing long periods of static content. And so this won’t be a problem for many of you. However, if you’re still thinking an OLED might not be worth it, keep in mind that the LG C9 OLED TV also provides you with a dynamic tone mapping and great gray uniformity. This allows for great colours without any noticeable dirty screen effect, making a great TV for viewing sports. Moreover, with a peak brightness setting you can adjust the TV to the lighting of your room, and thanks to its wide viewing angle you can also watch it with a wide seating with your friends and family. If you’re someone who has a bright room, QLED TVs like the Samsung Q90R or the Q7F might be better options.

Finally, the LG C9 has a Web OS smart interface which has sufficient app accessibility. With LGs Thinq AI technology the TV features deep learning which will allow it to show you TV shows and movies according to your preference, without you having to tell it so. It even uses the AI sound feature to adjust the sound to your own needs. Moreover, you can also use google assistant as well as amazon alexa to adjust other connected devices in your home. And thanks to the virtual pointing technology on the remote control, you can easily browse through the smart features on the LG C9.


The LG C9 has a solid build with thin borders to make the viewing experience more enjoyable. It contains a low profile stand like last year, which is sturdy and is quite wide, so you might need a wide table for that. It has a slim design without any need for local dimming thanks to its OLED technology.

Moreover, the LG C9 has its inputs on the thicker bottom part of the back. The 4 HDMI ports and the 3 USB inputs are directed towards the side, so even if you mount the TV you can still easily access them. There are also other ports ranging from the composite video/audio input, an optical digital output port, a RF antenna input, a RS-232 port for maintenance as well as an 3.5mm headphone output port. Furthermore, the cables can be routed out from the back of the stand allowing decent cable management, keeping them away from view.


The LG C9 provides a splendid HDR performance with a peak brightness competing with many LCD TVs. It allows you to view HDR images with sharp details and refined colours that gives it one of the best picture qualities available in the market. Additionally, with names like LG OLED65C9PUA and LG OLED65C9PLA don’t get confused as they are essentially the same models in different regions. However, you can choose the screen size from 55 Inches to 65 Inches and even a 77Inch model, which is extremely expensive. For its amazing features and the picture quality the LG OLED C9 is a great OLED TV which is better than the Sony XBR-A1E when it comes to the peak brightness and colour gamut. And so it stands out as the best TV among many other OLED TVs, but comes at a high price. If you’re someone who has a lower budget, the TCL 55R617 is a great Ultra HD 4K TV worth considering.

LG C9 Wrap Up

In conclusion, while it doesn’t have as good a sound quality as the Sony XBR-A1E, and it is more expensive than many other great TVs, coming at a price of $1400 the LG C9 is a great OLED TV with a great picture quality and peak brightness almost in par with many of the best LCD TVs. It has an ad free, smart interface with a wide selection of apps. Even fulfilling the needs when it comes to gaming, the LG C9 has a low input lag, a fast response time as well as a variable refresh rate making it a great pick for gamers. And paired with a premium, solid design the LG C9 is a great TV for anyone who enjoys a great viewing experience and is willing to pay the price. For anyone looking for more affordable choices, the Samsung Q7F and the TCL 55R617 are great options.

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