kSafe Keeps Goodies Locked Up Until You Meet Your Goals

Are you having trouble with motivation? Do you need some extra parameters in your personal or family life? The kSafe can help – if you can convince yourself to use it.

This Kickstarter project is a simple pop-lid container, much like the sort you would keep flour in, but with a high-tech flourish. The top is equipped with a lock that you can operate via your smartphone. The goal is to put some object of temptation into the kSafe, and then lock it with the accompanying app until you’ve reached a goal.

There are three different ways to lock the safe. First, you can lock it, then pair the app with a fitness tracker so it only unlocks after you’ve taken a certain amount of steps or burned enough calories. Second, there’s a location lock that only allows the safe to unlock remotely once you have entered a certain GPS-pinpointed area – think a gym or a library. Third, you can set a time lock so the safe only opens at a specific time of day – or even a specific time or week or month.

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The idea is to put some nearly-forbidden delight into the safe beforehand, when your willpower is strong, and then create goals and force yourself to follow through with them. The examples given, however, raise some tricky questions. Sure, you can put your iPad in the jar, but what if you or someone else really needs to use it to access a file or write an email? Yes, you can put a video game controller or two in there, but what happens when a friend or roommate comes in and wants to play? The ideas are a little too specious. Food seems like a stronger option: Put cookies, candy bars and your other sweets in the jar, and only access them when you’ve completed goals – then you have to resist bingeing, but at least you reached your goals first.

Really, the oddest thing is that the kSafe is being marketed directly toward the person with goals to meet. It seems like a more obvious sell for a teacher who wants to control items in class, or for parents who want to impose some restrictions in the home. But if you want to help support this goal-enforcer, you can pledge $79 and get your own kSafe if you act quickly.

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