Kasa Smart Light Switch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re on the market to add the best smart home devices, and you specifically need light switches, the Kasa Smart HS200 has you covered. It performs perfectly by allowing for scheduled shutdown, timers, even capable of fooling crooks into thinking you’re home by periodically turning the lights on and off. That is the beauty of investing in Smartthings Home Automation.

Why We Like It – Kasa Smart Light Switch

The Kasa Smart Light Switch puts you on the fast track to smart home automation by connecting to your network, opening it up to smart home devices and its proprietary app.

  • Control with voice or app
  • Can prevent break-ins
  • Easy installation
  • Neutral wire is required
  • Doesn’t support Apple HomeKit


The Kasa Smart Light Switch looks simple in design, but it still performed beautifully—especially with its companion Kasa app. Through it you gain additional features such as remote control from anywhere or right from your own home. But this is a smart Wi-Fi light switch, which means it can link with nearby TP-Link smart devices. If you have an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home, you gain access to voice control. With voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, respectively, you’ll have the option to use voice commands on these smart switches. Additionally, motion sensors can be added for more smart lighting functionality.


Aesthetically speaking, the Kasa Smart HS200 is simple in design, adopting the wide buttons you see in more modern homes rather than the thin kind of switch. It only comes in a white finish, which may or may not fit. While simply designed, it has a WiFi signal on the switch itself, which indicates the strength of its connection to your network. That’s a pretty handy feature to have, especially when you’re setting it up.

Unfortunately, you will need a neutral wire. It doesn’t come with an adapter, so anyone outside of having a neutral wire can’t make use of the HS200.


Given how well the Kasa Smart Light Switches work, you’re getting an excellent deal here—even if you only get one light switch. And the Kasa app provides plenty of features such as runtime, usage, and scheduling. However, arguably the best smart as the lack of smart bulbs; you won’t need any—just the smart light itself. That means the switch works with old lamps, too. Just make sure they’re incandescent light bulbs, not LED.

The Kasa Smart HS200 is an excellent companion for other smart home devices. You’ll be able to control it, plus Google Nest Learning Thermostat, or an Echo Show 5 all from one location.

Kasa Smart Light Switch Wrap Up

Kasa Smart Light Switches provides the perfect opportunity for smart home automation—especially pairing it with Gosund Smart Plugs. The benefit of using voice commands and apps provides an almost hands-free environment. It’s also nice the lights automatically turn on to prevent break-ins. So long as you have a neutral wire and use Alexa or Google, this smart light switch won’t let you down. Tired of loud humidifiers? Learn about a smart humidifier that you can comfortably use by opening our Taotronics smart bedroom humidifier review.

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