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How to Reset Router Password

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If you have been trying to optimize the security of your wireless network, you may wonder how to reset the router password. The best routers, after all, are only as secure as settings allow. So why change your password, what are good password options, and how to do it? Keep reading to find out.


  • You should change your router network password every 90 days or so. Additionally, change the default password and default username before even using a new router.
  • Head to a router settings page to change the password, which is typically accessed by inputting the IP address into a web browser.
  • Once in the settings, look for a “Change Password” option and choose a randomized string of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Why Change a Router Password?

The main reason here is increased security, much as you would scan a router for malware, especially if the router has been bricked. You should always change all of your passwords every couple of months or so, especially if you’ve noticed any strange and unknown mobile devices connected to your router. The goal is to protect your WiFi from hackers. Keeping your passwords rotating and fresh will make it so you won’t have to learn how to lock a WiFi router or perform other serious security measures.

How Do You Reset Your Router Password?

Each router is different and may necessitate a slightly different process for changing up the password. Having said that, we’ve tried to keep these guidelines as universal as possible, like when you are learning how to use a DD-WRT router.

Insider Tip

Never use a password that is easy to guess, such as your birthday, name, or address.


Your first step is to make sure your network is running. Look for an Ethernet cable connecting your router to your modem and ensure both devices are powered on and emitting a strong signal. You may want to try to achieve an Internet connection via a device or two.


Next, access the router’s settings page or admin control panel. Unfortunately, this process differs depending on your specific router. Read the instruction manual or perform a quick web search for steps.


In most cases, you can access the settings page by inputting your router’s public IP address, otherwise known as the static IP address, into the address field of a web browser. If you can’t find the IP address, check a sticker located on the exterior of your router. It should be listed along with the default password and default network name.


Once in the settings page or admin control panel, look for security or password options. Change the password, choosing a strong and randomized string of letters, symbols, and numbers. To increase security, also change the network name while you are on the settings page. Never keep a password for longer than three months.


How to reset your router to restore factory default settings?

Hold down the reset button to start to return the router to factory defaults. You may have to keep the reset button down for 30 seconds or so. If no reset button exists, you’ll have to head into the settings to perform a factory reset and restore default factory settings.

How to hard reset your router if you’ve forgotten your password?

Hold down the reset button for 30 seconds or head into the settings if you have forgotten the admin password or default username for your wireless router.

How to change a router’s IP address?

This is done on the router settings page of your device or via third-party software. Changing an IP address is more difficult than changing default router passwords or the router username.

STAT: Resetting your router to its default factory settings will also reset your router’s password. (source)

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