How to Fix a Microwave Door Switch

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Updated February 12, 2023

Even if you have a top-tier microwave, you may need to know how to fix a microwave door switch. Two interlock switches connect to the latch assembly. A failed internal door switch component is one of the most common microwave oven problems, such as blown microwave fuses or a dead appliance.


  • A broken interlock door switch will cause potentially dangerous electrical issues with your microwave.
  • The door switches are located under the microwave oven control panel.
  • Remove the lousy switch from the assembly and install a new one in its place. Then, reassemble the microwave.

Luckily, you can repair your broken microwave switch assembly at home. Unlike a microwave that starts when it’s closed, this repair doesn’t require a high level of microwave repair skills. That said, any of the microwave’s internal components can cause an electrical shock if mishandled. If you are ever unsure during a microwave oven repair, contact an appliance repair service to be safe.

That said, we have multiple helpful guides on repairs for microwaves, which include testing a microwave transformer, repairing rust in a microwave, and replacing a microwave fuse.

If you want to install a replacement switch, read our instructions, and you’ll be cooking again in no time. You may also want to read our guide to see what cookware is microwave safe before preparing food.

Insider Tip

Buy a few different microwave oven door switches in case one of them is a dud.

Repairing an Interlock Switch

Tools: Rubber gloves, insulated screwdriver, replacement microwave oven door switch

SKIP 1 Remove the Power Source

Unplug the power cord and let the electrical components discharge for 15 minutes before operating. If you have a range microwave, your power outlet might be in a cabinet.

SKIP 2 Remove the Grill

Remove the screws on top of the microwave to loosen the grill. Depending on your microwave model, there will be two or four screws. Slide the grill to the right or left to pull it away.

SKIP 3 Remove the Control Panel

The electronic control panel display is held by two screws: a left screw and a screw behind the panel. Remove these, then take off the control panel by sliding it up and away.

SKIP 4 Remove the Switch Assembly

Unscrew the switch assembly and pull it through the control panel wires. Be careful not to damage the wires as you do so.

SKIP 5Remove the Defective Door Switch

Press the release tab and actuating mechanism to pop out the door switch wire. Don’t press too hard, though, because you can damage the button release mechanism. Remove the faulty switch from the wires.

SKIP 6 Install the Replacement Door Switch

Take the replacement door switch and plug it into the wire connector. Make sure the replacement microwave oven door switch matches your microwave’s model before installing. Next, press the wire connector with the new switch back into the assembly.

SKIP 7Reinstall Switch Assembly

Work the interlock switch assembly back into place and reinstall the screws.

SKIP 8 Reassemble the Microwave Oven

Slide the control panel back on and screw the left and rear screw back into place. Then, slide the grill back on and reinstall the final screws. The microwave frame should be back in order.


Always take the proper safety precautions when working on a microwave to avoid serious injury. If at any point you are unsure of your ability to do a repair, contact an appliance repair technician.


What type of fuse does a microwave use?

Microwaves usually have a ceramic fuse or glass fuse and a thermal fuse.

What are the three switches in a microwave?

Microwave ovens have primary and secondary door switches. Lastly, there is also the monitor switch.

How much does a microwave door switch cost?

Depending on your model microwave, a microwave oven door switch will cost between $7 and $25.

STAT: According to a US Department of Energy survey, 37 percent of respondents under 20 use a microwave regularly. (source)

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