How to Change NAT Type on a Router

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Updated February 12, 2023

If you are experimenting with some of the more advanced settings of your wireless network, you may wonder how to change a NAT type on a router. The best routers, after all, allow for all kinds of minute adjustments. Why would you change the NAT type and how do you do this? Keep reading to find out.


  • Network address translation (NAT) acceleration is a mode that speeds up Internet connections, though comes with risks as it could disable port forwarding, precise scheduling control, and certain privacy and security tools. In other words, turn it on for speed at the expense of security, as it will essentially be a public network.
  • If you are looking to disable or enable a different NAT type, start by accessing the admin panel or settings page of your router. You may need your static IP address or your public address to do this and in rare cases a private IP address.
  • Once inside the admin panel, look for a router settings page dedicated to NAT and turn the feature on or off.

Why Change NAT on a Router?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation and has to do with the translation and distribution of your public IP address. Consumers look to change up their NAT type for two reasons. You’d accelerate the NAT for better Internet speeds and overall connectivity, instead of learning how to use an old router as an access point. You’d look to disable NAT acceleration if security and privacy are more important to you than raw speed and max connectivity range.

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Once inside the admin panel or settings page, you can make all kinds of adjustments.

How to Change NAT Type on my Router

This is a moderately difficult process, but not as frustrating as, say, learning the exact definition of a DNS address. Each router is different, however, so we have made these guidelines as universal as possible.


Look to be certain that you have a decent Internet connection, with a router powered on and plugged directly into the modem with an Ethernet cable. Also, the modem itself should be broadcasting a strong signal and the router should be wirelessly transmitting this signal to all connected devices.


Access your router’s admin panel or settings page via whatever methods you typically use, as this varies from router to router. Check the instructions or perform a quick web search for the information.


In most cases, you can access the router’s settings page by entering the public IP address into the address bar of a standard web browser. Other options include opening up dedicated firmware software or accessing an app provided to you by the router’s original manufacturer.


Once you are on the settings page, look for something dedicated to NAT acceleration. Click it on if you want more speed at the expense of security. Click it off if you want more security at the expense of speed. After that, save your changes, and you are done.

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NAT type on PS5: What is port forwarding?

Port forwarding is when you open up different ports on your router. This is commonly done for gaming consoles and for interacting with VPNs.

Is changing your NAT type safe?

In most cases, but it can be risky as it can introduce security threats, thanks to having one single IP address. However, this is only an issue on PCs and the like and not gaming consoles.

How to fix a NAT type failed error?

This depends on your settings, whether you have automatic port forwarding enabling, and your router and various connected gadgets.

STAT: Network address translation (NAT) is a method of remapping an IP address by modifying the information in a data packet’s header. Network packets are the packages of information that make up your traffic when it travels across a routing device. (source)

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