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hisense h4f review

Hisense H4F Review

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This Hisense H4F is perfect for buyers wanting a budget Smart TV with a colorful, pleasing picture and a large library of streaming apps. Experienced Smart TV users may find the over-easy menu and lack of voice command frustrating.

Hisense 40-Inch Class H4 Series LED Roku Smart TV with Alexa Compatibility (40H4F, 2020 Model)
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Expert testers found that the Hisense H4F is perfect for buyers looking for an affordable Smart TV that’s easy to operate and will give you…

Expert testers found that the Hisense H4F is perfect for buyers looking for an affordable Smart TV that’s easy to operate and will give you a pleasing picture and plenty of streaming apps. This TV gives you decent viewing angles and a sharp, colorful picture with color accuracy that is spot on. However, some may find it frustrating with the simple remote and no voice command options and no local dimming. The limited resolution results in bad contrast and poor black uniformity. Those looking for a bright TV will be disappointed, especially in brightly lit rooms. This TV is a decent budget buy, with minimal features.

PICTURE QUALITY (Category of Performance)

4k (Performance Criteria)

  • Top expert reviewers point out that this TV does not have 4K capabilities, which some of the best TVs have, but they felt the sharp and colorful 1080p images were pleasing and satisfactory.


  • The Hisense H4F has balanced, bright colors and excellent color accuracy based on expert reviews.
    • However, reviewers were disheartened that it does not offer any advanced color calibration settings, including even the most basic image calibrations.


  • Expert reviewers, like consumerreports.com and rtings, were disappointed with the poor black uniformity while watching dark scenes in a dark room. Darker colors weren’t nearly as accurate as other models of this kind.


  • The Hisense H4F has a very unimpressive peak brightness, according to product testers, even with the backlight turned all the way up. Not an ideal screen for use in a bright room.


  • Reviewers were unimpressed with the less than mediocre 4685:1 contrast ratio, which resulted in disappointing color volume.


  • This Hisense H4F series does not offer any local dimming feature, much like the Hisense A6G. So we can’t comment on this feature.


  • Expert testers, like cnet, agree that this full HD TV is fine for casual gaming, with a very low input lag and quick response time.
    • However, advanced gamers will find it frustrating that there are no specific gaming features like “Freesync” and “Variable Refresh Rate.” There is also no game mode available. A better smart TV for gaming would be that tv which comes with a gaming mode.


  • This Hisense H4F does not support HDR content and is designed for SDR use.


  • Product testers were pleasantly surprised with the crisp motion rate this TV delivers, thanks to the low input lag, much like the Hisense H8G.
    • However, gamers may not like that there are no advanced gaming motion processing features or settings.


  • The Hisense H4F has a low refresh rate of 60 HZ, causing reviewers to be disappointed in the occasionally blurred image, especially with live TV and sports.


  • Product testers were irritated by the high 5.5 MS response time. Gamers will surely see the effects of motion blurring. There is also some live TV dragging.

Viewing Angle

  • At over 30° on either side of the screen, the reviewers enjoyed that the picture’s brightness and color held true with this Hisense H4F. This TVs impressive viewing angles allows you to watch the TV from different parts of the room without much color distortion.


  • Product testers were happy that, like most TVs today, there is no risk of permanent burn-in.



  • The Hisense H4F has an extra-wide double-foot stand underneath, with each foot measuring 8.9 inches wide. Reviewers found it irritating that you are forced to find a wide enough table to place it on.


  • Expert testers were pleased with the plain, thin, smooth metal that made up most of the back panel due to its slick appearance.


  • At 0.59 inches, the Hisense H4F’s reviewers found the borders around the screen are fairly thick compared to other TVs in this class. They found that this could slightly distract them from the screen.


  • Reviewers absolutely loved how the TV has only a 2.91-inch thickness, making it lightweight and easy to wall mount.



  • The Hisense H4F model has a satellite tuner system for live TV, which reviewers found perfect for what it’s meant for.


  • According to top reviewers, there are the standard multiple HDMI and USB video inputs for any platform and a standard power consumption input cable.
    • However, if you were looking for an audio/visual input for older platforms, this TV does not offer that.


  • The Hisense H4F uses a simple Roku TV remote control with built-in Roku apps. There are very few buttons on this device, so expert reviewers found it extremely easy to use.
    • However, testers were disappointed that there were no voice-command options.



  • Top reviewers loved the fact you can use the Roku app to control your TV smart features since the simple remote doesn’t offer much control at all. They also loved the almost endless selection of just about every popular entertainment app to choose from.


  • The Hisense H4F uses a Roku OS, which top experts loved. With the proper wi-fi connection, you can easily subtract or add different streaming channels as they become available. They also appreciated the quick response and loading time that gave streaming a smooth feel.


  • Reviewers loved the Roku TV menu set up, which is not only the easiest to understand and navigate but is extremely customizable.



  • This Hisense H4F’s sound gives you a below-average performance with bass lacking in-depth, as well as dialogue clarity, leaving product testers disappointed. Making an external speaker purchase might be the smart move here.

True Score


Reasons to Buy

  • Balanced, bright colors
  • Easy Roku OS and menu
  • Decent viewing angle
  • Low input lag
  • Plenty of Apps
  • Customizable set up

Reasons to Avoid

  • No local dimming
  • Not voice command compatible (Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • Remote overly simple
  • Poor peak brightness
  • Poor response time


  • Backlight Type
    Direct Lit
  • Display Type
  • HDMI Inputs
  • HDR Format
  • LED Panel Type
  • Max Resolution
    1280 x 720
  • Refresh Rate
    60 hz
  • Screen size
    32 inches
  • Smart Platform
    Roku TV
  • Sync Technology
  • VRR


The Hisense H4F is the mid-tier LED Roku Smart TV released in 2020. It promises to deliver HD resolution, impressive and detailed sound, and it is great for streaming and gaming, thanks to its lower input lag. This Hisense Roku TV gives you a simple menu display that is easy to maneuver and highly customizable, making it perfect for buyers looking for TV and movie watching displays. Check out what experts thought in our Hisense H4F review, as well as learn more about our top rated TVs.

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