Gifts for Geeks in 2023 (February Reviews)

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From Star Wars to Star Trek, and science geeks to role-players, choosing the best gifts for geeks isn’t always an easy task. It’s not like there’s a clearly defined geek store that you can go to, every time. Not only are many of the niches eclectic, but also it can be tough finding the perfect gift to match the tastes of that beloved geek in your life. During our 15 hour search, we searched Middle Earth far and wide to find the best of the best gifts for geeks that match a variety of interests and themes.

Our top pick is the Ohuhu Zelda Ocarina bundle because it not only takes inspiration from the infamous game instrument but it is fully playable. It even comes with a songbook that teaches you how to play some beloved songs from the game. Our “honorable mention” is the Hanes Men’s Humor Graphic T-Shirt, which has a huge selection of geek-friendly phrases and prints. Keep reading to find more information about some of the other best gifts for geeks.

Top 10 Best Gifts for Geeks

#1 Ohuhu Zelda Ocarina with Song Book, Display Stand and Protective Bag


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is one of the best gifts for gamers, or more specifically Legend of Zelda fans. It’s inspired by one of the classic games in the series and offers a working instrument with a stand and a carrying pouch.

  • Working kiln-fired ceramic instrument
  • Instructional playbook teaches how to use it
  • Includes display stand and carrying pouch
  • The ceramic is fragile

This all-in-one bundle includes the instrument — a working ocarina — an instructional songbook, a display stand, a neck-strap, and a protective bag to store and carry the system. The instrument is the infamous Ocarina from one of the older games in the series. It’s made of kiln-fired ceramic and covered in a purple-ish glaze that matches Link’s tool from the game.

There are 12 holes spaced throughout the ocarina’s surface, each of which produces a unique, natural sound. The songbook will teach user’s how to play and includes several full-length songs from the game. It’s an excellent gift for gamers both old school and new, even though Ocarina of Time is not available on Nintendo Switch, as it’s easily recognizable.

#2 Hane’s Men’s Humor Graphic T-Shirt


WHY WE LIKE IT: Clothing tends to be a solid, universal pick when gifting and this series of tees is no exception. There are many different styles to choose from, some including unique sayings while others have cool graphics, like nerd squared, rollin’ dice with the homies, and part-myth, part-legend.

  • High-quality detailed prints
  • Machine-washable and fade-resistant
  • Many styles and sizes to choose from
  • All-cotton is super comfy but may shrink

These all-cotton graphic tees come in many different sizes and styles, allowing full customization for the geek in your life. There are a ton of prints, all with different phrases or graphics. “Rollin’ with the homies,” for example, has dice across the middle and refers to tabletop roleplaying with a local crew. “Mmmm… pie” is another, and has the symbol of Pi instead of the word “pie.” Most use a pun eloquently or have a geek-inspired comment. If you’re thinking about food when you hear the word Pi, then check out our best gummy bears to munch on.

The shirts are 100% cotton, with no major seams, and they’re machine-washable, so long as they’re cold-washed. The decoration cannot be ironed, but the rest of the shirt can. Moreover, they’re tag-free so they won’t irritate the neck or upper back.

#3 Magnetic Poetry Words for Refrigerator Geeks Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: Creatives like writers, musicians, and other artists love to play with letters and words, and that’s exactly what this kit offers. It comes with over 200 themed and magnetized tiles that can be arranged in any configuration.

  • Massive collection of over 200 tiles
  • Magnetized to stick to refrigerators, cabinets, boards, and more
  • Geek-friendly with words like USB, DSL, and IEEE
  • No organizer besides the box

For those who love poetry, or just enjoy having fun with word and alphabet soup, this bundle includes over 200 geek-themed phrases and images. Every tile is magnetized so they can stick to a fridge, metal cabinets, or similar surfaces. The idea is to create poetry, writings and quips about life, or just to have a little fun with roommates and family. It’s like having a board game that can be played on the fridge.

All of the tiles are made in the USA, with locally-sourced materials. Even so, they meet all national and international safety guidelines necessary for this type of thing. The only downside, if there is one, is that all the tiles are included in the giftable box and there’s no real way to organize the tiles once it’s been opened.

#4 Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch


WHY WE LIKE IT: Some long for simpler times when a watch was just a watch, while still offering simple geek-friendly features, such as a built-in 8-digit calculator and a stopwatch.

  • Water-resistant up to 165-feet
  • Built-in 8-digit calculator with numerical keys
  • 1/100 second stopwatch with multiple modes
  • 20mm band may be too small for some

Just one look at this watch and you’ll be transported back to the early 90s with glamorous hair, lots of jeans, and lots of plaid. It’s a retro-inspired wrist watch that sacrifices many modern amenities like smart functionality and instead offers more practical support. An auto-calendar mode is available, pre-programmed until the year 2079. An 8-digit calculator complete with numerical and symbol keys rests below the digital display.

The watch also has a 1/100 second stopwatch with multiple lap and timer modes, alongside water-resistance up to 165-feet. Those features combined make it excellent for use while swimming, especially for keeping lap times. Moreover, it has a daily alarm, 12 or 24-hour formats, button tones, and dual-time keeping. This is an excellent geek gift, although, for science lovers, a more appropriate gift might be the best microscope.

#5 ThinkGeek Gift Card

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WHY WE LIKE IT: You can’t go wrong with a gift card and this one offers funds to one of the largest, most renowned geek stores there is. Both in-store and online purchases are supported, encompassing every theme, universe, and collectible one can imagine.

  • Choose from nearly any geek property
  • Can buy anything in-store or online
  • Available in $25 or $50 increments
  • A physical card which must be shipped

From Marvel to DC, Star Wars to Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, this geek gifts website has nearly every theme, universe, and geek collectible out there. There are clothes, toys, true collectibles, useful gadgets, and much more. By giving one of these gift cards, the receiver has true freedom to choose what they want. The best Star Wars gifts are in plenty too.

Like any gift card, there are multiple increments available including $25 and $50. They are physical cards, so they will need to be shipped. Keep that in mind, especially when gifting at the last minute. The geek gadgets website is one of the best, if not the best. Other gifts to consider for Sci-fi geeks are any one of these Star Trek gifts on our review.

#6 NewHiya 3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light with 3 Patterns and 7 Colors


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Star Wars series-inspired night light comes with 3 decorative and interchangeable plates, including R2, the Millennium Falcon, and the Death Star. It has 7 colors, with 3 lighting modes, and a remote to customize its operation. It’s an awesome gift for all ages.

  • Comes with trio of recognizable plates
  • 7 colors to choose from and 3 lighting patterns
  • Power via USB or battery
  • Plates are completely flat so up close they don’t look 3D

Every Star Wars fan goes to sleep at night thinking of their favorite franchise. This night light will make that experience so much better, and it scares off the monsters, to boot. It’s no baby Yoda, but it’s still perfect for kids and adults alike just like the best Star Wars logo sets. It has 7 different color modes and 3 illumination patterns like strobe, fade, and flash. The lighting is LED so it doesn’t use much energy, and it can be powered via battery or the micro-USB supply — the power adapter is included.

The light is essentially a base system, with acrylic plates that plug-in to provide the visuals. It comes with plates for the Death Star, Millennium Falcon, and R2-D2, which are all interchangeable. It even comes with a remote, which can be used to swap lighting modes or turn it on and off.

#7 Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge with Sound Effects


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Bluetooth-enabled pin-on works just like the ComBadge from the TV series. It even works with all voice-assistants to take calls and more.

  • Connects to take calls and more
  • Works with voice-assistants like Siri, Google, Alexa, and Cortana
  • Strong neodymium magnet holds it in place
  • Battery life could be longer

Trekkies are cool people, so they deserve something truly fantastic as a gift. There’s nothing more enticing than a working communicator that takes inspiration from the show. This Bluetooth device has a built-in mic, speaker, and working sound effects, and it looks precisely like the badges crew members wear in the show. When using it to speak, it plays the classic ComBadge chirp sound from The Next Generation. It also syncs up with Alexa, Siri, Google, or Cortana.

The badge is made of ABS plastic and zinc metal materials, so it’s relatively durable. A strong neodymium magnet backplate is used to attach it to a shirt or vest. It offers up to 48 hours of battery life on a single charge, with a micro-USB port for charging. It’s an awesome little gadget that’s as much function as it is style.

#8 Star Wars Men’s Millennium Falcon Tie


WHY WE LIKE IT: Working in an office often calls for a button-down, professional attire. This tie adds a little bit of fun to the experience, allowing geeks to show off their true love of the Star Wars franchise, without sacrificing dignity.

  • Incredibly intricate blueprint design
  • All-polyester material that’s easy to clean
  • Many colors and sizes to choose from
  • Must be hand-washed

This full-size tie is adorned with an elaborate print of the Millennium Falcon, in the style of a blueprint or building specifications. It’s one of the best gifts for men who also happen to be geeks! It comes in several colors from green to brilliant blue and black. There are many different sizes available too, which allows for custom neck matching — be sure to get the recipient’s neck size.

The tie is made entirely of polyester fabric, so it has to be hand-washed but it’s easy to do so. Moreover, it comes in a nondescript gift box. The biggest downside is that whoever you give it to, will have to know how to tie a full-size tie, a skill that’s sadly used infrequently these days.

#9 Mokoqi Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe with LED Light


WHY WE LIKE IT: Everyone loves magic, and levitation is the best kind. This unique LED light has a floating globe between its arms that looks like it’s suspended in the air. It spins with an LED light show to liven up the experience.

  • Authentic model of Earth
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect display size for desks, bar tops, and more
  • Text on the globe can be tough to read

This desk-sized LED has a globe suspended between its arms, which seems to just float endlessly in the air. The frame displays 3 vibrant colors, including purple, pink, and cyan with a unique light show. The globe in the middle can rotate 360-degrees, with a mode that spins it for up to 25 minutes at a time.

The globe, while small, is authentic and labeled to match a geographic-style map. It makes an excellent gift and display item, not just for desks, but anywhere in the home or office.

#10 ThinkGeek Tactical Molle Apron with Pouches and Adjustable Side Strap


WHY WE LIKE IT: Master griller, gourmet chef, fry cook, they all need a worthy apron and that’s precisely what this is. It looks like a tactical SWAT vest and makes the wearer feel like a badass. It’s also covered in storage pouches to hold seasonings, condiments, and tools.

  • Full-body vest is soft and comfy
  • Has 2 large pouches and 3 small pouches
  • Machine-washable and easy to clean
  • Not actually bulletproof
  • Only one size which may be too large for some

Modeled after a tactical law enforcement vest, this apron covers the entire upper body from the neck down. It’s made of 100% cotton and is machine-washable, so it’s easy to clean. That makes it even better as a cooking or grilling companion since splashback does tend to happen on the job.

Scattered throughout the vest are a variety of storage pouches to hold utensils, seasonings, and condiments. There are 3 small pouches, 2 large ones, and some hanging rings. It’s just the right amount of functional storage to hold whatever a master grill sergeant needs. Unfortunately, the vest is not bulletproof, so it probably shouldn’t be worn in the field.

How We Decided

Since many of the best gifts for geeks are varied in form and function, it made our selection process a little different. Each item, for example, matches a particular taste or geek preference, from Star Wars to science geeks alike.

We also looked for items that would make excellent gifts and don’t require anything else, such as additional supplies or add-ons. Every gift you see here is standalone and doesn’t require anything else to use, except for some batteries.

Finally, we tried to choose items at a reasonable price well below $75, some even below $20. When looking for gifts, even geeky ones, most people don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of money. As much as you’d love to, maybe it’s just not possible to buy that brand new gaming console. That’s okay! Every item we selected is compatible with a budget and won’t empty the wallet.

Best Gifts for Geeks Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Value to Price Ratio
    Will you be spending hundreds on an item that’s just going to break or stop working after a short period of use? Is it made with decent and durable materials? Does it offer features and functionality that match the price? These are all things that you should consider before choosing geeky gifts. Everything we chose offers excellent value for the price it’s offered, and if and when they’re on sale that value skyrockets. You’ll want to make sure you look for the same.
  2. Theme and Item Type
    The term geek is monstrously broad. Everything from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter and DIY science kits belongs in the realm of geekery. Before choosing a gift, ensure that you understand what a person’s tastes are and what kind of geeky universes they’re into. It gets even more niche when you start talking about items. For example, just because someone loves Harry Potter doesn’t mean they’re going to love a Harry Potter-themed video game. Alternatively, just because someone loves Super Mario, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be into themed clothing from the series.
  3. Usability
    Is the item you’re planning to buy something that your geek will be using, or is it merely going to be on display? The ThinkGeek Tactical Molle Apron, for instance, is something that will actually be worn while cooking or grilling. The Mokoqi Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe or the NewHiya Illusion Star Wars Night Light will rest on a tabletop, bar, or nightstand, just to look at. Why does that matter? It’s important to consider whether the person you’re buying for is more hands-on, or ifthey want something they can put on display. Match the gift to what you think they would prefer.

Gifts for Geeks FAQs

What should I buy for tech geeks?

Like any geek, tech geeks are into many things from consumer technology to some of the most popular fantasy and sci-fi universes. Maybe your tech-loving friend is a gamer? Or, what if they love Star Trek-themed gadgets? The first thing to do is to consider what preferences and properties your friend — or fellow geek — truly loves. Then, go from there. We recommend the Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch because it’s not just retro-styled, it has some super useful features too, like a built-in calculator, calendar, and water-resistance.

What should I get my geeky boyfriend/girlfriend/friend?

Looking for nerdy gifts for her? What about nerdy gifts for him? First, consider what type of content, theme, or lifestyle your friend is most into. Do they like Pokemon? Are they a huge Gundam fan? Do they love a good science pun? The best gifts for geeks are always the ones that are both tailored and lovingly selected for their personality.

Where can I buy geeky stuff?

We recommend looking on Amazon because it has such a huge selection of items, with an amalgamation of franchises and themes. You might also consider ThinkGeek — now, GameStop — Hot Topic, JINX, Best Buy, and more. PlayAsia is an excellent place to find Eastern imports, many of which make a great gift.

Can you use a ThinkGeek gift card at GameStop?

In 2015, GameStop purchased ThinkGeek for $140 million, acquiring both its online storefront and physical stores scattered across the US. They announced earlier in 2020 that ThinkGeek will be shutting down completely, and merging with the popular game reseller. What does that have to do with Think Geek gift cards? It means that they will be usable at GameStop even after the merger. The card is also honored at EBGames, Babbage’s, EBX, and Planet X stores. The gift cards also work online at Any Thinkgeek gifts will continue to be honored for some time. Just bear in mind that the store is now maintained by a third party.