Chapin 61800 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Anyone who manages a garden or a farm knows how important it is to have a routine spraying schedule in place for pest control, otherwise, they’ll run the risk of having their crops, plants or flowers being severely damaged by pests. For areas that are not big enough to require machine spraying, individuals can use a backpack sprayer to spray the pesticide, and the Chapin 61800 4 Gallon backpack sprayer works well to ensure that your plants are well taken care of. The 4 gallon sprayer takes the top spot on our best backpack sprayer list, and once you get to the end of this review, you’ll have found out why. Find other great recommendations for lawn & garden tools withour in-depth reviews.

Why We Like It – Chapin 61800 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

The Chapin 61800 backpack sprayer is perfect for a home garden owner thanks to its 4 gallon tank, padded shoulder straps for conveniently carrying around a full backpack, and a cushion grip poly shut off that can be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance.

  • 3 stage filtration system to prevent clogging
  • 4 inch wide mouth opening
  • 3 nozzles for different applications
  • Manual operation


This Chapin 4 Gallon backpack sprayer keeps things nice and simple, works great, and is also pretty easy to use. It integrates a 3 stage filtration system that allows it to prevent any debris from clogging its nozzle, and also features a wide mouth opening for easy filling. The 4 gallon tank allows for just about enough capacity for it not to become too heavy on your back, and its 20-foot maximum horizontal spray stream allows for a very wide reach. The pump handle will not require a lot of effort for you to get maximum pump action, and because it’s made of metal like that of the Chapin 61900 4 gallon commercial stainless backpack sprayer, you shouldn’t expect it to break or buckle continued use.


The Chapin Pro Series backpack sprayer comes with a couple of modifications that make it possible for it to work a lot more efficiently than other backpack sprayers. One such modification that sets it apart from the Field King Professional 190328 backpack sprayer for example is the cushion grip poly shut-off which can be taken apart for cleaning & maintenance. Carrying it around is also made slightly easier thanks to its padded shoulder straps, and since it’s also got a fan nozzle and an adjustable nozzle, you’ll be able to decide how exactly you want to spray your crops.

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This 4 gallon translucent backpack sprayer has received a lot of positive customer reviews thanks to its commendable build quality, as well as how easy it is to use. People found it’s adjustable nozzle very convenient since it allows users to modify the spray pattern to their liking, and thanks to its padded shoulder straps, moving around with it won’t be as stressful. It beats out the Chapin 6500 backpack sprayer because it’s got a 3-stage filtration system instead of two, but if you’re looking to spend less than $50, then the 6500 would still be worth going for.

Chapin 61800 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer Wrap Up

Headquartered in the United States, Chapin International is a company that has been manufacturing residential, professional and industrial sprayers for more than 130 years, and they continue to offer some of the best products in the market for landscapers, homegarden owners and even large scale farmers. This Chapin backpack sprayer still continues to be one of their best sellers, and by this point, it should be pretty easy to see why.