Booq Boa Flow Backpack Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Anyone in search of the best backpacks needs to have a look at this.

If comfort is what you need, comfort is what you’ll get with Booq‘s Boa Flow.  Yes, unorthodox names aside, which Booq is no stranger to, the Boa Flow is a comfy backpack.  It’s like wrapping a pillow to my back that can hold stuff, such as a computer, camera and more.

My daily backpack is from Mission Workshop.  Size and look wise it eclipses the Boa Flow, but its comfort and utility fails in comparison.  So that in mind, the Boa Flow is bulky and by far not a minimalist backpack.  So long as you’re cool with having a black bulge hanging off your back, then you’ll be cool with the Boa Flow.  But hey, that’s a caveat one should be willing to make in the name of comfort and storage space.

There are a variety of pockets to choose from.  This include a laptop slot with extra, soft to the touch padding.

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A camera flap for quick and easy access to a DSLR or smaller camera.  Though, and just as a note, the straps don’t specifically play to accessing the camera, unlike some other camera specific bags. But this isn’t a camera specific bag, so no big thing.

The main pocket has a mess of smaller pockets for cords and those alike.  The side pockets are also good for keys and additional cords, though they can be a bit tedious to dig through since their space is limited and a bit on the tight side of things.  I truly dig the small top pocket, which is great for a smartphone (or feature phone) as it’s super easy to access, and if needed could be done without line of sight. But if all you want is a bag with a simple exterior and detailed interiors, read about the Bellroy Classic Backpack.

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For added stability there is a waist and chest strap.  The waist strap may seem like overkill – it’s padded – but once clicked into place, it’s something akin to being hugged by a teddy bear.  The main straps are contoured to fit your shoulders, and fit your shoulders they do.  Which almost negates the need for a chest strap, or for the chest strap to be worn full time. Which is anything but the case with my Mission Workshop bag.

Other notables are:

  • A hidden zipper pocket in the waist strap
  • The entire bag is made from a “1680 denier ballistic nylon exterior” which has a water repellent coating
  • Included is a small exterior bag for 100% waterproofing
  • An Airmesh back-padding for additional comfort
  • A Terralinq Lost-and-Found service is included

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Alternatively, if you are a gamer looking for a bag that can comfortably carry your multimedia and high-end gaming devices, you need to go through the Everki Titan Backpack Review. So would I recommend the Booq Boa Flow?  Yes, especially for anyone looking for serious protection, accessibility and storage.  However, it’s a bit on the bulky side and no matter what’s stuffed inside, it will be look the same.  Which is to say it will always appear fully stuffed, and to me that’s not the most attractive looking backpack.