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Updated January 24, 2023

To find the best backpack sprayer, we researched the crucial factors, including each unit’s tank size, spraying pressure, overall comfort, as well as included accessories. Depending on the work you are doing, whether it be applying pesticides or fertilizers, different nozzles are suited for diverse applications. While you’re doing your yard work, it may help to have the best string trimmer handy. Additionally, finding a comfortable, non-leakable backpack is essential if you are using it for hours at a time. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a homeowner, our selection of backpack sprayers will help you get the job done safely.

During our research, we found the Chapin 61900 backpack sprayer to be our top pick. A four-gallon spray tank, featuring a 3-stage filtration system, the 61900 is compatible with fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides. The backpack also features a padded shoulder strap system that makes it comfortable to wear for hours at a time. If your jobs vary, it isn’t an issue, as the 61900 includes three different nozzle types. To find the best backpack sprayer for your needs, be sure to keep reading. You may also check our list of other quality lawn and garden tools

Top 5 Best Backpack Sprayer

 #1  Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer

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Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Chapin 61900 backpack spray delivers everything we would want in a top-grade backpack sprayer including a large 4-gallon leak-proof tank, a variety of nozzles, and deluxe padded shoulder straps for extra comfort.

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  • Filtration system prevents blockages
  • Large leak-proof 4-gallon tank for solutions
  • Comfortable deluxe shoulder straps
  • Relatively expensive

The Chapin 61900 manual backpack sprayer is our top pick for anyone seeking out the best backpack sprayer; it features a large leak-proof 4-gallon tank capacity so you won’t quickly run out of pesticide or fertilizers, allowing you to keep working without pause. The tank has a 4 inch wide mouth opening. Chapin also integrates a three-stage filtration system into its products, ensuring that debris does not clog the nozzle or other internalsmouth. The included deluxe shoulder straps help to reduce fatigue over long periods of usage.

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The 61900 includes a 20-inch stainless steel extension wand- the long stick held for spraying, as well as a 48-inch PVC house for perfect reach. This 4-gallon backpack sprayer unit sprays at a standard pressure of 40-60 PSI and has a built-in pressure gauge, making it suitable for most tasks, and can handle most volatile fertilizers and pest control treatments. Just know that the best backpack sprayers come at a price, as the Chapin is among the most expensive of our picks. It is as easy to use as the best leaf blower.

 #2  Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Field King Professional delivers as the best commercial backpack sprayer with 150 PSI of pressure, enabling you to reach hard-to-reach areas as well as create a more precise spray with its four included nozzles.

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  • High pressure reaches tough spots
  • Includes four different nozzles
  • Internal paddles keep solutions mixed
  • Cheaper options available for home-users

The Field King Professional 190328 manual backpack sprayer delivers commercial performance with its high-pressure 150 PSI tank, able to access hard-to-reach spaces and create more precise spray patterns. Most reservoirs in our roundup reach approximately 50 PSI, so the extra power in the piston pump here is welcomed. Thanks to Field King’s four included nozzles offering a good spray pattern, you’ll be able to handle any task thrown at you whether you need a flat fan or foaming nozzle, and as if that’s not enough, the system is compatible with TeeJet nozzles too. It has a dual-use pump handle for both a left and right-handed person to use.

We also applaud the 190328’s internal design, which features internal paddles to keep liquids and powders well-mixed during use, while also well contained. A filtration basket also helps to prevent unwanted debris from entering the tank. The included wand is 21-inches and can be stored directly on the tank thanks to built-in storage. It is made of high quality Viton seals and can be used as a piston and diaphragm pump. With its line filter, convenient storage tank, and multiple nozzles, this garden tool performs well in taming the growing season and maintaining your yard. It is every bit as useful as the best electric lawn mower for your yard.

 #3  Chapin 61500 Backpack Sprayer

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: Chapin doesn’t trade price for performance with the 61500 which features a 4-gallon tank, filtration system, and 2 included nozzles; all at a price that would make anyone happy to do yardwork.

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  • Large tank mouth for easy filling
  • Dual filtration system
  • Padded straps for comfort
  • Not the most comfortable
  • Only includes two nozzles

If you’re looking for a great backpack sprayer to get a few jobs done around the home, then the Chapin International61500 might be the best pick for you. Coming in as the most affordable pick on our list, the 61500 still delivers with a sizeable 4-gallon solution tank with a wide 4-inch mouth opening for easy filling and includes two nozzle types for working. Other units generally feature more nozzles, but the two included, one poly cone and one fan tip, give you a decent spray pattern and are enough to get the most essential jobs done.

While the sprayer includes straps for backpack usage, we did find the handle on this unit made it better to carry, and a bit less comfortable to wear. The included 20-inch extension wand doesn’t make us feel as though we are missing out, and the 48-inch PVC hose keeps reachability levels high. The 61500 has a standard pressure rating of 40-60 PSI, perfect for most jobs. Between applying weed killer with this and the best garden root slayer, your yard should be weed-free.

 #4  M4 MY 4 SONS Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

Award: Best Electric

WHY WE LIKE IT: No need to tire your arm pumping your backpack sprayer, the MY 4 SONS Battery Powered Sprayer by M4 is the best battery powered backpack sprayer that lasts for 6-8 hours on a single charge without breaking a sweat.

  • Great for large jobs
  • Large battery means no pumping
  • Includes stainless steel wand
  • Expensive compared to manual sprayers
  • Takes 8-hours to charge

If you don’t want to waste your time pumping up a backpack sprayer, the M4 MY 4 SONS Battery Powered Sprayer deserves serious consideration. Thanks to the M4’s built-in 8AH lead-acid battery, the backpack sprayer can operate continuously for 6-8 hours on a charge. The rechargeable battery on this electric motor makes operating this tool much more convenient than other sprayers on the market. Just make sure you remember to recharge the battery before you use the pack as it will take 8-hours to charge with the included charger. You can easily keep an eye on your battery status using the built-in indicator lights. Amongst other electric backpack sprayers, some use lithium batteries to charge.

The M4 MY 4 SONS includes the standard features we are looking for, such as a stainless steel wand and over half a dozen different nozzles from fan tips to cones. Liquid stays where it should, keeping electronics well-sealed away from water and chemical solutions secure tightly within the tank for your safety. The sprayer can operate at pressures from 20-60psi depending on your choosing. Just prepare to open your wallet, as the privilege of an electric pump instead of a hand pump will cost you quite a bit. However, if you consider the convenience of the battery charger, charging station, service life, and electric pump action that helps you conserve your physical energy, the price becomes worth it. There’s no way around it, your yard needs the best wheelbarrow and a good spraying device.

 #5  Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer

Award: Best Comfort

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Field King Max 190348 lives up to its name of royalty and wins out as the best professional backpack sprayer thanks to its deluxe, breathable, full-coverage deluxe harness which also includes lumbar support.

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  • Excellent leakproof design
  • Deluxe padded harness for comfort
  • Design prevents tank leakage
  • Relatively expensive

Field King’s Max 190348 backpack sprayer is an option worthy of professionals thanks to its included deluxe padded harness, which makes it the most comfortable pick on our list. The full-coverage harness is made from breathable nylon and features lumbar support to keep you comfortable even after working for hours. You won’t need to worry about the performance on a job either as the tank reaches 150 PSI for reaching hard to reach spaces. The internal tank features Viton seals and gaskets to prevent leakage.

While the Max 190348 is relatively expensive compared to other options, we know this backpack sprayer will keep you going without worry. Included is a 21-inch stainless steel wand with chemical resistant seals, and four included nozzles for every application. It’s great for clearing weeds that grow up near the best compost bin outdoors.

How We Decided

With a wide variety of backpack sprayers available on the market, we did a lot of research to find the best options. We examined what makes a backpack sprayer great, including its included tank size, sprayer pressure, overall comfort, and included accessories. Each backpack sprayer on our list met a collection of minimum criteria that we set; doing this enabled us only to present you with the best available options. Whether you’re using a sprayer around the house or professionally, we’ve picked an option for you. For the winter months, you should also keep a stockpile of best de icing salt in your garden shed.

Each backpack sprayer on our list features a tank size of 4 gallons – perfect for storing solutions, but not too large to become an encumbrance. All of the tanks are great for loading up pesticides, fertilizers, and other outdoor chemicals for an afternoon of yard work. Additionally, we ensured each sprayer reached a minimum pressure of 60 PSI, enabling your spraying to reach tight spots and remain well-controlled. It’s ideal if a backpack sprayer utilizes a pressure regulator that has compressed air to perform better control flow over fluids, which would then result in much better fuel efficiency.

Included accessories are also an important aspect, so we ensured that each backpack sprayer included at least two different nozzle types for handling a variety of jobs. It’s a general rule of thumb to look for a sprayer with multiple nozzle options for different yard work scenarios. All selections also feature backpack straps for comfortable usage – no thin straps to dig into your back, just padded solutions that ensure you can work for hours without a problem. The last thing you need is back pain after doing some yard work, so a heavy duty yet properly supported backpack sprayer is a must.

Best Backpack Sprayer Buyer’s Guide



  1. Tank Size: A backpack sprayer’s tank size will dictate how much solution you can hold before needing to refill. We recommend a tank size of 4 gallons, as it tends to hold enough for hours of work, but doesn’t weigh down on your back or lead to a feeling of encumbrance. Of course, you can select a larger or smaller tank depending on the work that needs to be done.
  2. Sprayer Pressure: Ensure you can reach the distance, and hard to reach spaces, with a backpack that features enough sprayer pressure. In our research, we found that most units with at least 40 PSI can get jobs done with ease, but we would lean towards 60 PSI. If you need to go the distance, options up to 150 PSI are also available.
  3. Comfort: When carrying around up to fifty-pounds of liquid solution on your back, you want to remain comfortable, especially if you are working for hours. Seek out backpack sprayers that feature padded harnesses, and even lumbar support. Avoid anything with thin straps that might dig into your shoulders, causing more discomfort.
  4. Accessories: Different wands and nozzle tips can help you reach far distances, or enable you to spray in a specific pattern. Keep an eye out for backpack sprayer kits that include at least 2-4 different nozzle types. As you work, you will discover which nozzles work best for you – just be sure to give yourself the options.

Backpack Sprayer FAQs

How far can a backpack sprayer spray?

The distance of a backpack sprayer will depend on a few factors including its ability to handle high-pressures, as well as the nozzle being utilized. If you are looking for a sprayer that can go the distance, search out an option that includes a high-pressure rating such as 150 PSI.

How much does a backpack sprayer cost?

Our guide features selections that range from budget-friendly to quite expensive. Our budget selection is the Chapin 61500 which features a 4-gallon tank, filtration system, and 2 included nozzles, all at an amazing price and everything you need to get started.

What is spraying in agriculture?

Spraying is the act of applying chemicals or fertilizers. You can use a backpack sprayer to easily carry around said solutions and apply them via a pressurized tank easily. For home use, it is common to spray problem areas of a lawn with a weed killer.

What is a backpack sprayer?

A backpack sprayer allows you to store solutions in a tank that is worn on your back, then apply them using pressure and a wand with a sprayer nozzle. Backpack sprayers are commonly used in landscaping to apply chemicals and fertilizers to plants.
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