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  • Palm Phone PVG100 Review

    Palm Phone PVG100 Review

    Out of all the best smartphone options we’ve looked at, the Palm Phone PVG100 stands out among the best small phones due to its minute size. The 3.3” screen is almost as small as the screen found on flip phones, which is why this device is essentially a companion phone rather than the main device; it’s simply too small to handle all your daily tasks! Why We Like It – Palm Phone PVG100 More of a companion device than a […]

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  • Nokia 5.1 Plus Review

    Nokia 5.1 Plus Review

    Nokia isn’t known for having the best smartphone options, but they used to be known for having some of the best small phones. They’ve continued this legacy with the Nokia 5.1 Plus. Although it’s easily outperformed by more modern phones, the device still holds its own and offers a relatively cheap smartphone experience that will satisfy most users with its 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Why We Like It – Nokia 5.1 Plus The Nokia […]

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  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

    Available for purchase online and in stores like Best Buy alongside all the best smartphone options, the Samsung S20 offers a big improvement from some of the best small phones like the Galaxy S10. You have many different options for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20 Plus, & Samsung Galaxy 5G S20: Samsung offers them in a wide variety of colors (cosmic black, cosmic gray, cloud pink, and cloud blue). Why We Like It – Samsung Galaxy S20 Far outperforming […]

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  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini Review

    Apple iPhone 12 Mini Review

    Many people will tell you that the best smartphone options available are Android devices, but if you ask around about the best small phones, someone will inevitably mention the Apple iPhone 12 Mini. This mini-model can be operated with one hand, is 5G capable, and packs all the same features as its larger counterpart. Why We Like It – Apple iPhone 12 Mini The Apple iPhone 12 Mini provides all of the features of its big brother, taking only a […]

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  • GreatCall Lively Flip Review

    GreatCall Lively Flip Review

    While there’s a lot of debate on which one of the best smartphone (or cell phone) options is the best cell phone for seniors, you definitely can’t go wrong with the GreatCall Lively Flip. Essentially a Jitterbug phone (though not as advanced as the Jitterbug Smart2 or other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus), this phone actually includes some advanced features like a flashlight, magnifier, and Amazon Alexa integration. Why We Like It – GreatCall Lively Flip The GreatCall […]

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  • Apple iPhone SE Review

    Apple iPhone SE Review

    You may not be thinking of the best smartphone options when it comes to the best cell phone for seniors, but in the case of the new iPhone SE, you should be! This Apple iPhone has all the features you love like Apple Pay, Touch ID, Portrait mode (with adjustable portrait lighting), and is available in a variety of colors beyond the traditional black/white/silver options of its competitors. Why We Like It – Apple iPhone SE The Apple iPhone SE […]

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  • Uleway Flip Review

    Uleway Flip Review

    It certainly isn’t the best smartphone, and may not even be the best cell phone for seniors, but the Uleway Flip phone (dual SIM capable) is a senior flip phone that provides a simple mobile experience for its users. The big button design, M1/M2/M3 speed dial, SD card slot, mp3 player, FM radio, and flashlight feature all make this mobile flip phone a suitable option for seniors. Why We Like It – Uleway Flip The Uleway Flip is a basic […]

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  • Jitterbug Smart2 Review

    Jitterbug Smart2 Review

    Sometimes, the best smartphone options are also the best cell phones for seniors! The Jitterbug Smart2 can access the internet over wi fi or 3G, and supports advanced features like talk to text. With the wide variety of talk, text, and data plans available at a low cost per month for this phone, the Smart2 is a great choice for a senior’s smartphone! Why We Like It – Jitterbug Smart2 The Jitterbug Smart2 is a great cell phone for seniors. […]

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  • WiFi Mini Projector, 2020 Latest Update Review

    WiFi Mini Projector, 2020 Latest Update Review

    As our #6 choice for best outdoor projector, the Jinhoo M10 portable projector is a cheap, effective way to watch movies on the big screen (screen included!). This 1080p wifi mini projector makes it easy to take your home entertainment outside, can be connected to in a variety of ways, and has a short throw of 1.5m-5m. Why We Like It – WiFi Mini Projector, 2020 Latest Update The WiFi Mini Projector, 2020 Latest Update mini projector that offers full […]

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  • DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector Review

    DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector Outdoor Movie Projector Review

    Coming in as our #9 pick for the best outdoor projector, the Dr. J Professional movie projector is a relatively cheap solution for all of your outdoor movie needs. The Dr. J projector is a fairly versatile mini projector. Outdoor movie displays are only one of its possible uses; they can also be used to view video games, HDMI, USB, TF cards, VGA, and AV inputs as well! But, they only work at their best when you know how to […]

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  • BLU Zoey Flex Review

    BLU Zoey Flex Review

    Is the best smartphone available a bit too much? Are you looking for the best cell phone for seniors that won’t break the bank? If so, the Zoey Flex might be a great option for you! At a quick glance, this phone doesn’t look like much, and that’s an accurate assessment. It doesn’t have any advanced features (like wifi capabilities) but offers a basic, easy-to-use experience perfect for senior citizens. Why We Like It – BLU Zoey Flex The BLU […]

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  • Easyfone Prime A1 Review

    Easyfone Prime A1 Review

    Many people have different opinions on the best smartphone., just like which device is the best cell phone for seniors. The Easyfone Prime A1 is one of the many options available today. It has an SOS big button, is hearing aids compatible, easy setup process, color front display, speed dial capabilities, a classic flip-phone design, and also comes with a charging dock (red and black versions have the same charger). Why We Like It – Easyfone Prime A1 The Easyfone […]

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  • BLU JOY Cell Phone Review

    BLU JOY Cell Phone Review

    If you’re not looking for the best smartphone and simply want the best cell phone for seniors, then you may be considering the Blu Joy (one of many Blu products created for an older audience). This dual SIM phone offers a no-frills cell phone experience that is capable enough for daily use and simple enough for even the least tech-inclined to figure out. Why We Like It – BLU JOY Cell Phone The BLU JOY Cell Phone offers a simple […]

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    As our #1 pick for both the best outdoor projector and the best long throw projector, this projector is truly a work of art. In this BenQ TK850 projector review, we’ll go over all the features and specs that make this DLP project worth the nearly-$1,500 price tag it commands. Why We Like It – BENQ TK850 PROJECTOR The BenQ TK850 projector is a great home theater projector for any home theater or living room. It provides excellent image quality […]

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  • HP 15.6 Laptop Review

    HP 15.6 Laptop Review

    One of the best i3 laptop and the best laptop setups you can buy is this upgraded HP 15.6 by NexiPC. Originally housing only 4GB of RAM & a 128GB SSD, the upgraded laptop now offers 16GB of DDR4 memory and 1TB of storage space for all of your applications & files. As a bonus, this laptop also comes with an authorized NexiGo bundle of accessories. HP 15.6 Laptop Check Price Why We Like It – HP 15.6 Laptop In […]

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