With Christmas right around the corner, you’ve already probably put up your tree. Regardless if it’s a fake tree or a real pine, you probably stressed over finding working lights from last year’s Christmas bin. Instead of having to deal with finding the bulbs that went out to power up the rest of the lights, Aura Christmas lights are wirelessly powered, making them convenient and easier to use.

Wirelessly Powered Christmas Ornaments That Act Like Lights

aura christmas lights

Aura are more like Christmas ornaments than a string of lights and are powered by a Power Ring that can either be placed underneath trees that are smaller than 5ft. at or snapped right in the middle of trees that are larger. The ring plugs into standard outlets and will wirelessly power the ornament-shaped lights when they enter the power field. And so that the energy doesn’t interfere with any of your surroundings and its devices it features a precisely tuned transmitters and receivers. All you have to do is randomly decorate your tree with the light ornaments as you normally would and they’ll turn on.

Safer Christmas Lights

Aura was designed to be a safer Christmas light and eliminates wires that can short circuit, heat and spark your tree on fire. And to add even more safety, Aura only uses LEDs that produce close to zero heat.

Durable Design Meant To Last

Unlike regular Christmas lights that need to be replaced practically every year. Aura lights can last up to 20 years at full brightness since they’re made of Led lights that never need to be changed. And because the light ornaments are permanently sealed, they can’t be damaged and will save you money in the long run.

Various Ornament Styles


Just like regular lights, Aura lights come in a variety of styles, including clear glass, cracked glass, sparkly glass and frosted glass. Each provide their own unique effect and will look beautiful on any tree. They also come in white and multicolor options.

Smartphone-Controlled Lights


And because they are wirelessly powered, you can also control the lights from your smartphone. Just download the free app to you iOS, Windows or Android device and you can turn on all the lights or turn them off, set schedules and timers even when you’re not home.

Aura lights are currently a Kickstarter campaign and will be available for next Christmas if you pledge $65 or more.


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