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August Smart Lock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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For those with busy lives, forgetting to lock the door is a bad habit you just can’t seem to shake. The best smart lock to circumvent this habit is the August Smart Lock. Thanks to its auto lock/unlock feature, you’ll always know for sure your home is safe and secure when you leave for the day.

Why We Like It – August Smart Lock Review

The August Smart Lock provides the security a smart lock needs without heading down the path of fully replacing your door knob. It’s ready in minutes, giving you access to its great features before dinner is ready.

  • Auto lock/unlock feature
  • Easy setup; doesn’t replace entire door knob
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • A bit expensive


We loved the August Smart Lock’s forward thinking performance. Since just about everyone uses a smartphone these days, your door will automatically lock when you leave the house. It also has an auto unlock feature when you come back, too. All you need is your smartphone. And if you’re without it, no sweat! Simply use your key.

You can make use of additional unlock features through voice commands. This can be done with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa Google Assistant Apple HomeKit, even Apple Watch. And if you’re away, you can use remote access through the August app (August Home app) to grant friends and family access.

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The August Smart Lock doesn’t share the same design as other smart locks such as the generic Kwikset 909 Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt or Yale Assure Lock SL. Instead of replacing your entire front door lock, it fits to your existing deadbolt. It keeps your existing lock intact while adding additional security. The other half of the setup—the Connect Wi Fi Bridge—is placed in your home. Just make sure it’s nearby and not upstairs. Around the edge is a series of LED lights; red means locked and green means unlocked. Unlike the Ultraloq UL3 BT, the August Lock will stay locked, even when it dies.


This new smart lock August has released may earn your respect yet. Compared to other smart locks on our list, it has to be the easiest and most compatible. Setting it up can be done in a matter of minutes, and it can work with both Android and iOS devices, including Z Wave Plus. Its voice controls are very responsive, some of the best on our list. For its performance and design, it gets our mark of excellent value, even if it is a bit expensive.

August Smart Lock Review Wrap Up

Not everyone wants to replace their entire door knob, nor does the August Smart Lock ask you to. With all the fantastic features you get, including auto unlock and locking, it was well worth the price. And considering it can work across a wide range of devices—Android and iOS—means anyone can install one of the best smart locks around.

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