Ultra Real The Dark Knight Batman Figurine That’ll Probably Cost $1,000s

Batman Dark Knight Figurine-8

Exploding on to screens is probably an accurate description of what Chris Nolan’s third Batman, “The Dark Knight“, will do this weekend.  As we’ve already mentioned in previous posts we expect this film to break every box office record known to cinema history.  Yes, it will appear on more screens than probably any other film, and let’s not forget the iMAX ticket sales which add some extra punch to the box office numbers.  Simply said, there is no disputing the popularity of this film series.  And to capitalize on the mass of advertising and fuss surrounding the 3rd film, Hot Toys has release a hyper-real 1/16 to scale Batman figurine.

Now, before you start asking about the price, you should know they haven’t announced one.  And if you’re wondering about a release date, they’re telling us Q4 of 2012.  But what you should really know is that this figurine has not be designed for your 5 year or 10 year old, heck even your 16 year old.  This is a man’s toy.  That said, it would seem that Hot Toys spared no expense developing the 32cm tall figurine, which as it happens also has 32 point of articulation.  In addition to its ultra real skin effect and what surely is movie prop worthy Batman armor, Hot Toys is including two different heads (Batman and Christian Bale), different mouth pieces, a variety of hands and weapons as well as a miniature gun and stand that lights up.  Just keep in mind that this design and likeness, as well as the final pieces are not final as they’re still working out licensing.

Christen Costa

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1 Comment to Ultra Real The Dark Knight Batman Figurine That’ll Probably Cost $1,000s

  1. Shane

    I don’t get it. This article is talking about a “1/16″ scale, scale, ultra realistic figure that measures 32 cm. The writer of this article might be more confused than me. If this Batman is 6″3′ = 190 cm at 1/6 = 32 cm. if it were 1/16 scale then it would 11.8 cm. Additionally, this article posts the pictures from the recently announced Hot Toys 1/6 The Dark Knight Rises Batman DX12 retailing for approximately $250. Perhaps the writer of this article should check his facts, be able to do basic arithmetic and learn how to relate relevant pictures with the information he/she is posting.

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