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Nintendo 3DS Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS XL is the one serious competitor when it comes to a portable game console. Sure, Sony’s PlayStation Vita makes for an equally interesting gift, but it lacks the widespread gaming selection that all game consoles really need to be successful, and in an age where content is king, that ...

Nintendo 3DS XL-8821

Nintendo 3DS XL Review: One Change that Made the First Portable 3D Console Playable in 3D

Nintendo’s dominance in the mobile gaming market, while now under direct competition with smartphone makers, is still daunting. Nineteen million Nintendo 3DS units have sold worldwide as of July, just under a year and a half after releasing in the U.S. in March 2011. And as the Japanese gaming giant ...

Nintendo 3ds XL

Nintendo 3DS XL Price and Release Date Announced

Update: Check out our Nintendo 3Ds XL Review. It wasn’t really a question of if, but when Nintendo would announce a bigger, more robust 3DS.  After all, the upped the ante on the initial DSi by releasing a DSi XL.  So it was only fitting that we should see a comparable upgrade for the current […]

Purple Nintendo 3Ds

Purple Nintendo 3DS Coming May 20th

On May 20th you’ll not only be able to pick up a copy  Mario Tennis Open, but purchase a “Midnight Purple” Nintendo 3DS.   This isn’t the first or last time that we’ll probably see a new color option for the Nintendo 3DS.  It joins 4 other colors that include Cosmo Black, Aqua...

Deluxe Power Grip

CTA Digital Deluxe Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS (video)

While CTA’s Digital’s Deluxe Power Grip won’t resolve those nagging eye strain problems, it most certainly might be the solution you’ve been searching for when it comes to the 3DS’ short battery life, and anything but ergonomic shape. This controller come battery latches on th...


Nintendo 3DS Handheld Game Console – $215 / Slashed Price!

MacMall via eBay has a very exclusive and exciting offer for this Nintendo 3DS Handheld Game Console! Thinking you would have to wait a while to indulge yourself in Nintendo’s latest handheld entry? Definitely not, with this new discount now you can experience the first ever 3D-without-glasses device and a...

Nintendo 3DS w- $25 Game Credit

Nintendo 3DS w/ $25 Game Credit – $250 + Free Shipping

Amazon is offering a deal on this Nintendo 3DS w/ $25 Game Credit when you Pre-Order now! The newest platform by Nintendo is almost here and now’s your chance to get some game credit for free before it even comes out! The Nintendo 3DS is a revolutionary new handheld console that brings all of the [&h...

Nintendo 3Ds Tear Down

Nintendo 3DS Disassembled, Battery Is User Replaceable

Over the weekend the Nintendo 3DS officially went on sale in Japan (it arrives in the US March 27th).  And not more than a few days later it has been torn apart and partially examined.  We’re not surprised, since this is the inevitable fate for all popular devices, especially ones that sport ground b...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS Launch Date Revealed, Games And Price Included

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the 3Ds, the 3D version of their handheld video game system, will go on sale in the US March 27th and cost $250.  That’s a hefty price tag for a portable system, especially when you consider the price of a home console, which now costs equally as much but lacks the ...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Rumor: Nintendo 3DS To Launch November 11th In Japan?

Well, it looks like Twitter is now becoming a go-to place for gadget news leaks. Someone going by the name “nocchisan” who is allegedly in the Nintendo 3DS accessories industry said that the 3D device will be released on November 11th in Japan, the same day as his company’s eleven accesso...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS To Get Price & Release Date In September

Attention! The Nintendo 3DS is being released…well, there’s a release date for that announcement. That’s all I can tell you. Sorry folks, that’s how hype in the electronics industry works. A Nintendo spokesperson has announced September 29th as the date we’ll learn the pricing...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3Ds Arriving No Later Than March 2011

According to Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo 3Ds will launch in all major markets by March 31, 2011. Industry Gamer sat down with Reggie and confirmed that the design we saw at E3 is not final and might be subject to change. We’re thinking that the 3D slider will get tweaked s...