Daily Archives: June 23, 2010

Snow Cone machine

Snow Cone Machine


Summer is officially here and there can’t possibly be a better way to stay cool than with a snow cone machine.  Hammacher has this one for just $40 and it takes any sized or shaped ice cube.  Two removable pump bottles hold up to 12oz of syrup or fruit juice,...


Belkin’s AV360 Converter Puts Your Consoles On Your iMac Screen


We’ve talked about ways of getting your Apple products to play nicely with displays before, but this new cable is pretty sweet. Belkin’s AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter lets you use that stunning 27-inch iMac screen as a display for units with HDMI outputs, like game consoles, specifically the Xbox 360...


This LED Porch Light Packs A Motion Sensor


One of my favorite things to do this summer is kick it on the porch and enjoy some time outside at night. But having sufficient lighting for such an endeavor can be difficult for some, especially apartment renters. This LED Porch Light solves a lot of problems by bringing bright...


Yup, iPhone 4s Are Already Being Scratched


This is Engadget’s iPhone 4 Review unit. They’ve had it longer than the general public, but not by much. As you can see, it’s got some noticeable scratches on it. Not huge, mind you, but they’ve appeared a lot sooner than I expect most users would be happy with. Oh...


The HP Mini 100e Is A Netbook For Students


The lack of good education for kids worldwide is something we should be very concerned about. Back before Facebook and a million other distractions online, I remember computers being used to teach me a lot of valuable skills I still know to this day. So it’s nice to see that...


Virgin To Launch A Prepaid MiFi Service


Every since it was announced, I’ve been envious of those with a MiFi, be it on Verizon’s network or anyone else. It’s such a great idea, and a cool little device, but of course you need a locked-in contract to get to use it. Starting next week, that all changes,...