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In what appears to be a more advanced iteration of the USB Emoticon Face I wrote on this past September, the ChatMan is not something I want to see first thing in the morning.  Recently unveiled at last week’s Toy Fair, ChatMan has an LED mouth (can’t say that everyday) with movable ears, eyes, and arms.

Designed for kids using IM, ChatMan will take what’s being written onscreen and convert the text using 3 personality options with over 500 actions and 25 customizable moods.  Whoa now right?

The ChatMan will be available sometime in April and will be priced at around $62.  After hearing the name ChatMan, I can’t help but think about how much “cooler” an Eric Cartman emoticon doll would be!

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  1. Seen it running in the show, one of the coolest things i seen coming from the toy industry. probably the next thing in toys. u can’t compare it to the ugly Emoticon EMU face, this is a great piece of innovation and technology. has its own software and site. will be a great hit for the kids.

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