Mattel’s Mind Flex Game Removes The Game Pad In Favor Of Brain Scanning

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38 Comments to Mattel’s Mind Flex Game Removes The Game Pad In Favor Of Brain Scanning

  1. “Dark arts”? No, but this could be the start of an ability to mess with peoples minds without them realizing it. I don’t believe the gov is going to control peeps minds with this one toy or nothing, but its the start of technology that can have such effects without anyone truely knowing it. I do agree with WAKE UP AMERICA! don’t just blindly jump on such trends, even reading minor brain waves could have long term effects on the mind, and i doubt mattel has researched there toy for chronic effects on the mind. Not talking mind control of course, but cancers, and tumors. Who knows what long term effects a gadget could have aganst your head scanning waves.

  2. Dark arts..really?? What are you from the 16th century? Just because you don’t understand how something works doesn’t mean it’s magic. This game actually uses SCIENCE and requires the person to concentrate so their brian waves can power a fan. The game is marketed as telekenetic for CHILDREN.

  3. wow. “messing with some dark arts”. you’re one of those nuts-o, won’t let your kid read Harry Potter, religious farts aren’t you? THIS IS A GAME. IT IS NOT REAL TELEKENIS. THIS IS NOT A MOVIE. YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

  4. Will a 13 year old boy get bored of Mattel MindFlex after the first month of using it?
    Also, is this mind game addicting?(Rate out of 10, 10 being most addicting)

  5. Doesn’t anyone have cautions and concerns about this game for children! Telekinetic mind control – seems a little like messing with some dark arts to me – getting into that whole weird psychic mumbo jumbo! I have serious concerns about this game and hope other parents will make wise sensible decisions about the things they let their kids play with. My 13 year old begging for this and I will use it as an opportunity to discuss “exchanging the truth for a lie.” I would rather help them fill their minds with worthy things! Not just race along with the latest fad thoughtlessly! WAKE UP AMERICA! THINK!

  6. If this is soo cool then why is it sold on Amazon referbished!!! Why do they have 69 of them returned all ready??? for three dollars cheaper than a new one??!!!!!!!!!!! waste of money if you ask me. Heating your butt is more important and eating..

  7. So get a job and get it your self. It’s not your parents problem. They put a roof over your head thats not cheap. Thats responsible. it’s immature to say that they are. Grow up , deal with and pay for it yourself. Cost of living went up and parents don;t get pay raises because cost of livng went up!hello

  8. I want one SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. Im saving up, and at ToysRUs, it is only 60$

  9. OMG-ed Girl

    I’m a bit of a nerd and this idea is soooo cool. I must have one, even if it means babysitting my neighbors forever.

  10. wow i saw a commercial for this the other day when i was watchin tv late aat night and it looked really cool. ive got about 80 bucks saved up so i thought id check out the reviews before i could get ripped off. but i think it still seems cool!
    : )

  11. this seems like a great game for kids, but its really JUST a game. the sensors in the headset are only activated through the touch of the skin, so technically you can use this with your hands as well… sorry guys! not trying to be a ball buster, but I dont believe our technology is that advanced yet- unless you have a chip implanted or something?

  12. i want one so bad i could scream but 80$ crazy i came here to see if it worked before i bought one
    my parints allways say ” read revews first ”but somone had to get ripped off at first so I want one for CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. this thing is amazing imagine whatll happen when we can control bigger things constructing a building or taking care of a dog while your a thousand miles away on vacation cpuld be done instantly! thats amazing! all i know is im getting one : )

  14. That land mines in kitty litter is a good idea? no, but im assuming u think this either is really cool or really suckish.

  15. Please. Kind of cool I guess. Stupid they say in the videos to concentrate on the ball! Lol. Any type of concentration would work. You can concentrate on something entirely different and generate the same brain waves. I don’t think it would be fun for very long either. Very limited at this point. Just a fan pushing a ball around and you rotating it to go through little hoops.

  16. This is a great game!!! The only problem is the headband is so tight. There is a senser over the left temple and with the tight band you can get a headache. Once you adjust and strech the headband, it is awesome. Really makes you concentrate and become aware of how your body reacts to stress.

  17. This really works i was in great disbelief when i first saw a display at wal-mart then my wife said you
    should get it so i said ok, i tried it and it blew my mind away this is just one way to test the minds true mental powers i hope more great ideas like this come my way…

  18. I actuall read a review of this product in Popular Science magazine, and can’t wait to get my hands one…great for killing time at the office!

  19. This is amazing! I cant wait to try one of this devices, unfortunately i´m in a third world country, so… :(

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