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Samsung MediaLive Extender To Arrive October 15


By: Albert S Samsung’s MediaLive HDTV Media Center Extender is set to arrive on October 15. This sleek looking device attaches to the back of a compatible Samsung HDTV (with a HDMI-CEC connection) and streams content from a network-connected Vista Windows Media Center PC. In addition to displaying all your...


Takaratomy Air Guitar Pro Electric


Look no longer for the ultimate air guitar experience.  The Takaratomy Air Guitar Pro Electric uses an infrared string system to detect your strums and a variety of buttons both on the fret board and above it to produce a wide variety of notes. They’ve also got acoustic version.  Both...

A18 CAse

Agent 18 Eco Shield Review for iPhone 3G


By Jeff B Wanna be green trendy and techy at the same time? Made from recycled bottles, the Agent 18 Eco Shield for the iPhone 3G will do just that. Living in Portland, Oregon you have to be both to be anybody so I willingly obliged. This case is pretty...


Sony Makes the Vaio TT Series Notebook Official


The specs for the Vaio TT were leaked yesterday and today Sony has confirmed the world’s lightest Blu-ray 11-inch Notebook.  The TT line will be available sometime this fall. Hit yesterday’s post to get the breakdown. Official press release and pics after the ‘leap’...


BoomCooler Must Be A Joke

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I have a hard time believing that the components installed on this standard cooler, otherwise known as the Boomcooler, is worth the price tag, $899.  The site’s spec list also suggests that you don’t use the installed CD player, and should instead use the AUX in.  What the ‘f’?  Lastly,...


SanDisk Pushes Out Faster Extreme IV Compact Flash Cards


In an attempt to keep up with Pretec’s 50Mbps CF cards, SanDisk announced the updated Extreme IV Compact Flash cards today, which received a 12.5% speed boost to 45Mbps.  Additionally, they added a 16GB Extreme IV model to their lineup. And I thought CF was dead.  The Extreme IV cards...


Motorola PEBL With Hidden External Screen


Reserved for the Korean market only, Motorola launched a new PEBL phone today. What’s cool about it? The external screen is hidden until activated and features touchscreen control. Other features include a 2MP camera, 7.2Mbps HSDPA and MP3 player. [Aving]...