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You love your dog, right? Of course you do, so why not take them out on walks with the Leash Plus that actually has a very nifty compartment for doggy treats! Now you can reward your best canine friend while out on a walk whenever he/she does something good with treats you can easily place in the storage meant for treats/food on the Leash Plus. But that’s not all that it features! It literally brings a bit of home with you every time you go out for a walk. The revolutionary design is basically a leash that features multiple conveniences like a pop-up water bowl, a waste bag receptacle, LED safety flashlight, LCD clock with date and time and a locking button for the 16-fot retractable leash. If you want a way to be able to feed your pet from home, you should also read our review of the Q1 smart pet feeder.

he Leash Plus is stylish, practical and puppy-approved and sells for only $21.99 at Perpetual Kid. Pick one up for yourself then buy a few for friends who love their dog as much as you do. The Leash Plus is also available in a variety colors like Midnight, Yellow/Green, Plum and Blue, so you can easily buy one to match your favorite outfit or your all-time favorite color. The flashlight needs three AAA batteries that are not included and the clock  requires one LR41 battery that’s included with the purchase of the Leash Plus.

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