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If you get excited about the best kitchen gadgets and food tech, Gadget Review has the advice, articles and kitchen gadgets reviews that you need! Kitchen gadgets are divided into several different categories based on just how high-tech they are. Do you want a Sodastream or Samsung under-shelf radio for your kitchen or a best chef knife? Do you want a smart water filter that can talk to your smartphone? What about one of the countless cooking apps for your iPad? Choosing the best gadgets can prove a challenge…which is where our expert analysis and reports can help out.

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Thanks to crowdfunding sites as well as top brands, kitchen tools are getting smarter and more fun than ever before. The coolest cooking gadgets give you something you really need, like an app with professional videos, a stovetop that can sense meals and set temperatures for you to give you extra family time, and smart frying pans that stop you from burning your favorite foods. Use our top lists and read about the new exciting trends to find out how you can revolutionize your kitchen in the best ways – or find that perfect gift for the foodie in your life.