Best Hoverboard Reviews in 2019

Best hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, hit the consumer market  in 2013. Shortly after controversy arose as a result of patent questions – think Segway who pioneered the market – which was followed by safety concerns. Recalls ensued where upon the industry was cleaned up.

Fast forward to today and Hoverboards and their batteries, which were at the center of the controversy as they were igniting into flames, are now safe as can be thanks to something called UL 2272 certification.

Latest Hoverboard Reviews

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What should you know about Hoverboards? When you're looking to purchase a Hoverboard consider your use case. Are you using it for fun or recreation? These scooter devices, while often perceived as toys, can actually be a great way to commute from a bus stop to your final destination, as they're light enough (20-25 lbs) to carry and some can hold adults that are over 200lbs.