Rating Explained

At GadgetReview we pride ourselves on honest, truthful, no slant reviews.  Each product is evaluated by one of our expert editors and provided a star rating that ranges from 0 to 5.  5 stars is the best rating a product can receive, while 0 is the worst.  Below is a detailed break down of what our star rating system means, which are scored on a half to whole point system.

[rating:5/5] (5 Stars)

Perfect – A product which after extensive review is not only defined by excellence, but surpasses expectations beyond measure. Such a product is everything an excellent rated product is (see 4.5 stars) and more. The best of the best, without exception.

All products which receive 5 stars are automatically receive an “Editor’s Choice” award for excellence.

[rating:4.5/5] (4.5 Stars)

Excellent – A product which is both well rounded and great to use every day. These products are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing, and pass all lab and real-world tests with flying colors. Every product which receives 4.5 stars is one we recommend to any and all readers, without exception.

[rating:4/5] (4 Stars)

Great – A product which has great qualities, but may lack in some areas. These limitations do not define the product, but hold it back from excellence. Products rated 4-stars should be highly considered for purchase, though our staff had some gripes with the product that may be an annoyance to some readers. Quality may lack in some areas.

[rating:3.5/5] (3.5 Stars)

Very Good – A product which is strong, but has more pronounced flaws than a 4-star product. It may lack key features that could make the product a deal-breaker, depending on the buyer. This limitation keeps it from being a choice product for everyone. There is a lack of quality in some areas.

[rating:3/5] (3 Stars)

Good – A product which has several faults including at least one major drawback. Such a product is not right for all readers and the limitations must be noted for purchase decisions. It is still a good, functional device. Quality may be lacking on the overall product, or across several main functions of the product.

[rating:2.5/5] (2.5 Stars)

Fair – A product which is decent, but not good. When a user would describe it, they would say “it’s okay”. Such a product works well specifically for select applications, not all of the labeled functions. Quality may suffer across the entire product or across numerous functions.

[rating:2/5] (2 Stars)

Average – A product which is so-so, which isn’t particularly strong in any area but isn’t particularly weak either, or has several strong suits and an equal number of limiting factors. Quality suffers across the entire product or across numerous functions.

[rating:1.5/5] (1.5 Stars)

Below Average – A product which is weaker than most, which exhibits lower performance or worse overall design. Quality suffers in several notable ways.

[rating:1/5] (1 Star)

Poor – A product which is of low quality. Such products generally have limited functionality at best, and are difficult to use for even the most grizzled consumers. It would go against the better judgment of any conscientious consumer to purchase such a product.

[rating:.5/5] (.5 Stars)

Terrible – A product which has consistently poor quality in every aspect of the device. It is so awful that there may only be a single good feature about it. If our written review – which will undoubtedly insult the product for being so atrocious that the manufacturer deserves the ridicule which we give it – can’t keep you from buying it, at least save on shipping/gas and flush your money down the toilet.

[rating:0/5] (0 Stars)

Worse Than Dirt – The worst crap ever built. They couldn’t pay us to have it. It’s not only worth less than the junk it’s built from, every second of its continued existence somehow still manages to devalue it over time. This product is so bad that it’s not funny. The best comedians can spend years making insults and would come up short on this. In fact, should a product ever be rated this poorly, we have no doubts that its makers will soon be Darwin Awards recipients.

Editor’s Choice

Editor’s Choice Awards are given to products which show exceptional performance, usability, design, strength, and/or quality. Editor’s Choice Awards are decided by the editorial staff based on a number of criteria pertaining to the product type. While price does pertain to the star-ratings, the Editor’s Choice Award does not, meaning outstanding products of any price range can receive them. Editor’s Choice Awards are not handed out lightly; few products a year are likely to receive them, if that many.