As home automation gadgets continue to sell, our homes are becoming smarter every day. At the same time, our lives are getting easier. All thanks to smart locks, smart thermostats, home security and more. That doesn’t just benefit us humans, but it also makes our pets lives better too. That’s right, dogs and cats also appreciate a smart home. If you want the best home for your fish, check out our labyrinth aquarium review too.

Your Pets Will Love This

And why wouldn’t they? Technology like the Q1 Smart Pet Feeder is all about them. This pet feeder works via an app that allows you to remotely feed your dog or cat so that it gets the exact amount of food at the right time. It’s perfect for when you are away from home.

In the old days, you either had to get a friend or family member to feed your pet while you were away. Either that or your pet would go hungry waiting for you to return. That latter scenario is just not acceptable because we love our pets like our children. Well, we don’t have to worry anymore. The Q1 Smart Pet Feeder takes care of your pet when there’s no one else around to do so. We love pet gadgets that make a real difference in our lives.

The Q1 Smart Pet Feeder doesn’t just make sure your pet is fed, it also makes sure that your pet’s eating position is ergonomic and good for their spine. Your pet’s food will be fresh and their eating habits are always recorded.

And if you are worried about your pet eating too fast, you can switch from “Normal” to “Slow” dispensing to slow your pet down. In “Slow” mode, Q1 will dispense your pet’s meal in increments of one section every 3 minutes.

Q1 Smart Pet Feeder
Your pet will always be fed.

Feed Your Cat No Matter Where You Are

With Q1 you never have to worry about your pet going hungry because you are away. Our lives are busier than ever nowadays and our pets shouldn’t have to pay the price. It’s useful gadgets like this that make home automation and let’s not forget home security, worthwhile.

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