Jellyfish Cylinder Aquariums: Easier and Cheaper than Fish

Fish are so last year – today’s easy pet is without a doubt the jellyfish. Tough to believe? Then head over to the massively successful Kickstarter from Jellyfish Art and see just how cool they’ve made the Jellyfish Cylinder aquarium.

If you are curious why this aquarium gadget got so many investors, take a look at these self-contained features. The cylinder provides “laminar water flow” patterns that jellyfish like, and provides its own chemical and mechanical filtration system, plus an air pump for oxygen. The LED lights inside will both highlight the colors of the jellyfish and allow you change the glow that the aquarium produces via a remote control.

Jellyfish are known for being some of the hardiest free-floating creatures around, with some species able to float across the oceans and live nearly forever thanks to the polyp phase. That really helps if you are looking for a simple little pet gadget that won’t lead to dead fish after a couple weeks – inside the aquarium, they are perfectly happy with room temperature water. As a result, this Jellyfish Cylinder seems particularly suited to offices, dorms, and other casual areas where constant care isn’t needed.

Jellyfish Cylinder Package
The Jellyfish cylinder comes with all the odds and ends you need…but no jellyfish.

That jellyfish durability lends itself to an easy product model, too: Not only are all the mechanical features compact and simple to manage, but the kit also comes with filters, salt, pipette for feeding, activated charcoal and everything else you’ll need. The only things missing are water – and the jellyfish themselves, which you can order from Jellyfish Art or pick up at a local pet store.

Of course, we’re still talking about living creatures that need the right levels of oxygen and bacteria, so jellyfish bought from online only come with a 30-day guarantee. After that, you’re on your own.If you’re ready for that intense level of responsibility, then you can grab a full kit for $150.

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