Dish Network Updates Dish Anywhere App with Personalization Features

Most of the recent news about DISH Network has focused on its Sling TV project that allows subscribers to stream live channels and potentially give up cable forever. But Dish hasn’t been ignoring its other properties: It has just released a massive update for its Dish Anywhere app, including new personalization options.

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Dish Anywhere is a companion app designed to be used on mobile devices in conjunction with satellite service. It can help users sling their TV content, watch Video On Demand content, browse menus, etc., so forth. The latest updates, in addition to creating a new interface, also allow users to create their own separate profiles and switch between different Anywhere profiles based on who’s using the TV.

Each profile will contain separate, personalized features for viewers. This includes recommendations for new programs, a watchlist that customers can use as a reminder list for shows and movies, and a recently watched section for picking up where you left off. There’s also a collection of other new add-ons including more advertisements for new content and a remote function that allows users to control their satellite with the Dish Anywhere App.


If these updates have a familiar ring to them, it’s because Dish is making efforts to change Anywhere into a more streaming-like app. From Xbox SmartGlass to Netflix, we are already used to many of these features in other platforms – Dish no doubt wants to make sure the latest tools are also available on its satellite service.

Additionally, the personalization options could be handy in a household with varying tastes. Different spouses may appreciate recommendations and recently viewed shows keyed to their own interests. Ditto for roommates sharing satellite, teenagers, and so on.

The update is currently available on iPads, Android Tablets, and Kindles. It will be coming to smartphones later this year. Check out our expert DISH vs DIRECTV to compare the brand to its competitor.

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