DISH has just become the first pay-TV provider to offer customer support on Apple Business Chat. This move will offer customers another way to manage their account. Business Chat lets companies chat with their customers over iMessage so that they can answer questions, deliver customer service, and help with making purchases.

It is as Simple as Texting

For DISH customers this means that you can use Business Chat to reach a live person if you have an issue that you need to be addressed. You can ask questions, make changes to your account etc. It is just as simple as text messaging a friend.

DISH customers can start a text conversation with a live DISH customer service rep using Messages on their iPhone or iPad. You can even start and leave a conversation based on your availability, coming back to it when it is easy for you. This is because the conversation never times out. It only ends when the customer deletes the thread. This is a big win for customers since it is based entirely around when it is convenient for them.

Would you like a simple way to order a pay-per-view movie? Well, you can even use your credit card to order a pay-per-view movie or sports event, and be watching it within minutes since it uses Apple Pay. Again, this is DISH streamlining the customer experience, which is always a good move.

DISH Joins Apple Business Chat
Easily ask questions.

Easy. Secure. Safe

Business chat is also secure and safe. It does not show your contact information to the agents on the other end. For some time now businesses have set up Facebook pages to do this sort of thing and this offers a nice alternative to that social media experience.

Not everyone likes to go on Facebook for their business or purchasing needs. Apple is taking some business away from the social media giant with this and DISH will score big with their own customers too.

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