DISH Activates Google Assistant On Hopper Receivers

If you are a DISH customer who has been waiting patiently for Google Assistant, we have some good news for you. DISH has been rolling out a software update on their Hopper receivers that will allow you to access Google Assistant via the DISH voice remote. Score another point in the ever-changing DirecTV vs DISH Network war.

The best part is that there are no extra fees. This is a free upgrade. At last, you can use the DISH voice remote to ask Google Assistant all of the burning questions that are on your mind. You can ask questions about what you’re watching, search for your favorite show or movie, get weather updates, find local restaurants, view photos on your TV, control your smart home devices like thermostats and much more.

Just Use Your Voice

The new capabilities make it easier than ever to control your TV effortlessly, which is how we all want to interact with our TV. The same way that Captain Kirk interacts with his starship. By simply using his voice.

The new Google-branded DISH voice remote features a Google-branded voice button. All you have to do is push the button, speak into the remote and your wish is Google Assistant’s command. No worries if you have an old remote. Existing DISH voice remotes also support the new feature.

Ask questions, get answers and control your smart home all through your remote. DISH just keeps upping the value for customers. Check out our satellite TV reviews and home and lifestyle service reviews for more on DISH. Here are just some of the verbal commands:

“Change the channel to ESPN”

“Show me comedies”


“Search for funny cat videos on YouTube”

“Launch Netflix”

“Tom Hanks movies”

“Will I need an umbrella today?”

“What’s the score of the baseball game”

“Show me my photos in Hawaii”

“Dim the living room lights”

“What’s on my agenda today?”

“Lock the front door”

Once you get the software update, all generations of the Hopper, Joey or Wally can access Google Assistant. Customers have been waiting for this for quite some time and it is finally here. Our service reviews section has a lot more info.

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  1. Not keen on the idea of google assistant on my dish remote, seems to be another invasive way for googles control. Is there any way I can bypass the google thing and have the old voice remote thatI previously enjoyed to control the dvr?

    1. I agree with Michael on this one… I don’t need information I don’t want and Google couldn’t even figure out how to find SiriusXM!

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